Sara Douglas

Sara Douglas

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR
BandAlternativeAdult Contemporary

Singer/songwriter from Glasgow Scotland 1st Ep recorded in Nashville. 2n in Glasgow Songs are Original! Playing gigs supporting touring acts from all over the world. Getting radio airplay and Doing festivals. looking forward to the future as a singer/songwriter and what excitement it brings


I had never written a song until 2009 now i've written over 100 and although I may not use all of them for myself they are all my babies and i love them :) Have 2 EP's one recorded in Nashville with 9 songs on it. I am very proud of my first EP and look forward to more where that came from. The other EP was recorded in Glasgow and is slightly more rock pop than the first. I am based in Glasgow Scotland at the moment and have been playing gigs supporting touring acts from all over the world. Middle of 2013 I will be in Nashville and I look forward to a bright and successful future. I was a backing singer for Meat Loaf in 2005 and appeared on Top of the Pops and radio and a huge concert in Amsterdam. I just love good music I don't have a particular influence in my vocal or in my songwriting. As there is not one specific influence I would say my music is diverse and different and my vocal does not sound like anyone else.


Rocketship EP 2011
Wake you up Again 2012
Coming soon Saramericana 2013