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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Sarafina Ethereal"

When I moved to Atlanta, you could say that my nose was wide open! I say this in jest because I was so excited in moving to this city and state. It was per circumstance that Sarafina and I met each other at my home through mutual aqauintances. It was not until later that I found out this young WOMAN, who has the spirit and maturity of someone way past her years was such a powerhouse in her own right!

In speaking to Sarafina she had invited me to come and hear her perform. I agreed because this also gave me a chance to attend and meet new people in Atlanta and surrounding cities. Once Sarafina had sat on stage behind her loyal companion; her keyboard. She took on a ethereal appearance and glowed as if she were an angel. Hence the word "Ethereal" she smiled and looked out to the audience as her fingers gently caressed the keys of her keyboard. Those dimples, pearly whites and eyes that sparkled! She was ready to dazzle the crowd. And we all waited for her to sing into the mic for you see it was open mic night.

At nineteen years old this young woman sang a song that she wrote and produced all on her own! I was impressed and so was the audience that night as we were all drawn in her world. It was her night, her stage, her music. And she did it with finesse, sophistication and flare!

I know that artist do not like to be compared to other artist because they feel they are unique in their own right. As so they should! However I compare her to artist that most people have enjoyed their music and have followed. She is poetic and writes like Jill Scott and India Irie. Her talent is raw and comparable to Goapele, matter fact she opened up for her. She also tours with Black on Black Rhyme.

I do more than apprecaite this young womans talent, I adore what she brings to the world of performance and the world of music. The words she write are deep and piercing. Thought provoking showing love when she wants, deep pain life lessons. Sarafina stands strong behind each word she writes on paper. I am sure the paper bathes in the ink when caught up in raptures of her fluid lyricism. Ethereal; light, airy, or tenuous: an ethereal world created through the poetic imagination. extremely delicate or refined: ethereal beauty.

Sarafina has song and performed in front of many ever since she was a little girl so there should be no queery of her destiny. Music. Not wanting to get caught up behind record lables, "selling out" and compromising her music for money. Sarafina waits patiently as many artist have to continue to have it "her way" control what she sings, how she sings, what she writes, and what her look should or shouldn't be. Sarafina contiues to play at many infamous open mics in Atlanta, and is a regular at Apaches!

The music industry evolves and changes all theand raw and real talent a lot of times goes unoticed and we are left to pick through and censor some of the noise. However with Sarafina Ethereal her "noise" is a welcome voice that is much needed right now. And I stand behind this talent in knowing in my heart of hearts that soon this beautiful underground artist that has many of her works recorded by some wonderful producers and herself will be heard and bring many to their feet anxious to hear and get more and more from her!

To all of the mature men and women who want a healthy dose of some raw and well written, sung and produced to a beautiful track music. Please join me as we turn the spotlight on Sarafina Ethereal at the piano. As you listen to her first song, don't be shy be impressed and please strike your hands together and make some beautiful noise for Sarafina Ethereal!! Take your bow, one of many to come!

If you are interested in hearing music by this artist and seeing some of the performances that have been recorded live. Please contact me by email and I of course will be more than anxious to give you her information.

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Black Girl Found 2007
SaraTonin 2012



A southern belle by definition and a Queen by reputation. Sarafina transcends age restraints, genres, and boxes of any sort via song and lyric. Born in 1988, in Newnan, GA the 23 year old songstress envelopes her music in a soul that has been here a time or two before, precision that would make Pavarotti listen twice, and truth that is universally applicable. She attributes her unique blend of operatic gospel blues to the southern funk of Georgia and the history that its red clay contains. Whether she is showcasing her Virgo sass in tracks like Blues Singer or displaying her galactic range in tracks such as Dictionary Sarafina offers substance. She has a story to tell that is different and unique. The story of a young articulate woman whose thoughts are elevated but whose point always comes across grounded and direct. She accompanies herself for most performances, using either a piano or guitar as her instrument. She has been featured at Black on Black Rhyme Atlanta, Apache Cafe, Utopia, Abyss' Acoustic Garden @ The Sanctuary, Lillian's, The Five Spot, The Vision Collective @ The Grounds, Kat's Cafe, Erotically Speaking, Faces (in Charlotte, NC) LoveNoise Nashville, and many others. Today, Sarafina continues her pursuit of musical genius and spiritual peace. Her first album was a triumph entitled Black Girl Found was released in 2008.