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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
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"Switch in style proves a success"

By Rob Latham

A change in musical direction is never easy, but Toronto-based singer/songwriter Sara Giguere has made an impressive debut on the country pop genre with her new three-track EP 3P.

Having moved to Toronto from her hometown of Iroquois Falls, near Timmins, Ontario, in search of her dream of becoming a musician, the 26-year-old now looks to have found a style that fits. The EP shows off Giguere’s flexibility as a singer, ranging from lively, upbeat country pop to mellow, delicate love songs.

Giguere’s undoubted vocal talents are brought to the fore in her switch of styles, which is best portrayed in the EP’s powerful opening track ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me.’ Think sultry, moving lyrics over the top of a lively, upbeat Shania Twain-esque country-style backing and this is a great, catchy get-up-and-dance pop song.

Giguere’s fantastic pop diva voice is shown off superbly in the lively singalong chorus, which can’t fail to have the listener tapping their foot and singing and dancing along.

And, as Giguere explains, the track’s honesty makes it all the more enjoyable. “It was a lot of fun because there are parts of the song that are true and actually are about me not really the person the song is supposed to be about,” she said. “My biggest influence behind this EP was real life incidents and the side of me that is unpredictable and fun.

“The music I’m creating right now is all about fun and being myself. This country/folk with an element of pop style is music that’s true to my heart. I didn't really choose to go that way it actually just kind of felt natural. With every song I wrote the country part of me became more and more noticeable to the point where I was thinking 'yeah, okay I'm country!' and I found myself by writing my own material.”

Second track ‘Who Needs A Romeo’ is lighter and more laid back, but shows off Giguere’s enjoyable, relaxing pop voice. The song is light and bouncy and brings the tenderness of Giguere’s vocals to the fore.

The final track of the EP ‘You Are’ is a slow, warm beautifully moving love song. The light, tender lyrics are brilliantly offset by fast-paced finger-picked guitar lyrics through the verses, before leading into a passionate chorus. ‘You Are’ brilliantly flaunts the flexibility in Giguere’s voice, which deftly switches between delicate vocals in the verses and powerful pop diva choruses.

Giguere’s music is a joy to listen to, and the switch to country-focused style has seen a huge progression in her talents. She certainly has a knack for writing a catchy pop song and her voice, equally adept to beating out the power choruses as tackling tender love songs, naturally fits the country feel of the EP.

Giguere plans to get to work on a debut album later this year and has hopes of going on tour in the near future.

For further information visit the Sara Giguere website at check out more of Sara Giguere’s music - Off The Dial

"Small-town girl ready for big city success"

The classic story of small-town girl looking to make it big in the bright lights of the city is a dream almost come true for pop singer/songwriter Sara Giguere.

Moving into a new decade sees the Toronto-based singer, who hails from the town of Iroquois Falls near Timmins, Ontario, going it alone in the music world and looking forward to the release of her debut single.

Having given up on the idea of trying to setup a band in Toronto, where she moved to fulfill her dream of being a musician, Giguere is now fully focused on a solo career with a new-found confidence in her undoubted singing talents.

As she explains: When I moved to Toronto I wanted to get out there so bad and so I tried looking for band mates and people I could write with. I just wanted to perform but at the end of the day I dont think I was on the same page as everyone else and it became harder to forge that relationship.

Six months ago I realized I could do this on my own and with the help of some amazing people I was able to get my voice out there and write again, I believe Im still meant to do this.

Gigueres style is intriguing, with a strong focus and passion for the meanings of lyrics and keeping her songs from the heart and honest.

I find writing lyrics is so hard, I want what I sing to be honest and I want to believe in all the words, she said.

And because of that I write from experience. I write what is true to me. But at the end of the day my inspiration comes from the world around me, it comes from past relationships, losing someone close, finding love.

Gigueres influences are wide-ranging and as a result so is her music, which from song to song can switch from fast-paced tracks to a slow ballad depending on the theme, but the main focus of what drives her to write music are artists whose lyrics appeal to her.

Giguere said: Most importantly I adored a few artists, like Jason Mraz and Martina Sorbara of Dragonette, for their writing styles, it may not be similar to mine but the way they capture words is amazing.

But what I listen to is always changing. I listen to what moves me, what makes me feel good or what makes me feel sad, not necessarily whats big right now.

Giguere has always had a strong musical background from her upbringing and inherits her writing skills from her mother and performing abilities from her father, who used to play shows on the guitar and harmonica when she was a child.

Giguere explains: Music was always a big part of my life growing up and my parents did the best they could at involving me in anything musical.

My family had no idea I could really sing until one year my dad bought a karaoke machine before Christmas when I was 12 and my mom asked me to try it. I remember I sang a Christmas song and thats when my parents realized: Hey, she can sing.

Giguere certainly has a knack for writing a catchy pop song and when you throw her unique sounding voice and good looks into the picture she is certainly onto a winning combination. - Off The Dial


You Are - EP available on iTunes and Amazon



Born in Timmins, Ontario, Sara is a singer/songwriter with small town charm paired with a powerful voice. The first time she took the stage was at the tender age of 4. "It didn't quite work out. I hid behind my dad's legs while he played my favorite songs," says the now 25 year old songstress. When she was 13, she realized her passion for music and knew that she wanted to share that love with the world. Since that moment forward, she sang wherever there was an audience. At 17, she was the lead singer of a cover band who played an eclectic mix of songs from Nick Gilder to Bryan Adams. "It really was quite the set list. Nobody expected a young girl to sing songs from Jimi Hendrix and turn around and sing Amanda Marshall." During that time she opened for such acts as Trooper, April Wine and Juno award winner Lawrence Martin.

Doing backing vocals for local artists both live and recorded as well as working on her music, Sara has found her unique sound and voice that leaves her audience wanting to hear more. There is no doubt this young artist is set for big things.