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Sarah Faith

Detroit, MI | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Detroit, MI
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Alternative Americana




"Country Artist Sarah Faith’s New Single is Simply “Honest”"

Usually, when I get to know someone, there is one quality that sticks out above all the others a person possesses. Most times, it takes months to figure it out. Some rare people display that quality a few seconds in during a conversation. Sarah Faith is one of those people. Honesty is the currency she bases her relationships on. When I first the title of Sarah’s new single, “Honest”, it grabbed my attention and would not let go.

To be honest, my first thought was that this single better be a damn good song. Why? This is a subject that Sarah is very familiar with, and secondly, Sarah and I demand a lot out of each other. Part of that is because we know each other capabilities. From the first day I met Sarah, I knew she could achieve just about anything she puts her mind to. She’s a fighter. I’m not talking about someone in your local ladies’ kickboxing class. We are talking about backroom, gloves off, in it to win it fighter. All said, “Honest” needed to hit a pretty high bar.

Sarah is landing some big punches with “Honest”. Her sophomore single didn’t just hit that high bar, it shattered it. Generally, during this point in a review, I try to find something that an artist can improve on. Sarah’s first single, “Before You”, was not bad by any stretch, but it is a tad less polished than her latest single. “Honest” has everything going for it. Sarah has honed in her vocal range, the music is terrific, and the story, well, it’s honest.

“Honest” is a realistic approach to a relationship gone wrong. Breakups rarely are a clean break like a candy bar. Most times, they are a slow, painful tear, leaving nerves exposed. Sometimes a person can find clarity during this type of pain and run damage control. These people realize that a clean break is painful at first, but the wound heals much faster for both parties. All said that’s as close as I can get you. I do a lot of writing, but I can’t take you through this story as well as Sarah. You are going to have to experience “Honest” for yourself.

Sarah Faith is an artist you need to keep a close eye on. If I’m being honest, I don’t know where to set the bar next. “Honest” is that damn good. It also deserves a spot on your playlist. All the links you need are down below. While you are listening, reach out to me on Instagram (@southernfellow_) and let me know if you would like to see Sarah featured on our Feed the Band Series. Thanks for stopping by The Luncheonette. I’ll see you next time! - Southern Fellow

"Sarah Faith Reveals Details of Her Childhood with Latest Single, Rock Bottom"

Sarah Faith talks about her childhood growing up with an abusive alcoholic mother in her latest single, “Rock Bottom.” The song is the second single off of Sarah Faith’s upcoming debut concept album, “Lessons From the Archives” slated for release in June.

“The thing about addiction is some people find their rock bottom, and some people don’t,” Sarah says. “Not a day goes by that I don’t wish my mom could have somehow found hers.”

Growing up, Faith’s parents divorced when she was just five years old and not long after, patterns of domestic abuse started. “I can remember as early as seven years old, fighting with [my mom], always trying to figure out what I did wrong to make her so angry.”

Between the ages of seven and 13, Sarah Faith endured many episodes of abuse due to her mother’s alcoholism with multiple attempts from her father to obtain custody. That period in her life caused much depression and anxiety, but the artist is determined to use her past for good things.

“It took me a while to understand that there could be a greater purpose for everything that I went through as a child,” explains Faith. “I know I’m not the only one that’s gone through traumatic times, so if I can say something that helps people feel less alone, it’s a win.”

Sarah Faith co-wrote “Rock Bottom” with singer-songwriter, Bailey Ingle, who shares a deep understanding of the roller coaster that is loving close family members struggling with addiction.

“We finished writing the first verse and I was already crying. I knew we were making something really special,” recalls Faith. “The best part to me is how we were able to somehow capture how much love we have for these people, but also be brutally honest at the same time.”

The song features strong vocals and powerful lines like, “Tell me are you better now / Running with the cool kid crowd / While we’re all stuck / Watching you self-destruct” which work to give listeners a visual of someone seemingly having fun in their addiction, but from the outside, clearly crumbling. The song’s chorus ends with the blunt question, “Where is your rock bottom?”

Sarah Faith chose to release “Rock Bottom” on May 7, purposely during the first week of Mental Health Awareness Month. The official release date for her album, “Lessons From the Archives,” is June 11. - Urban Craft Magazine


June 2021 - Lessons From the Archives (album)

May 2021 - Rock Bottom (single), Before You, Vol. 2 (single)

April 2021 - Honest (single)

May 2020 - Before You (single)



A Michigan-born Nashvillian, Sarah Faith is an artist-songwriter that builds her musical catalog and sound around her life’s experiences. As an Indie Alternative/Americana artist, Sarah has been strongly influenced by a diverse musical background including classic rock, alternative, and some country music. Her warm, soulful voice brings fans songs written about close-to-the-heart stories with a distinct kind of vulnerability and realness. 

Having dealt with depression and anxiety most of her life, Sarah aims to relate to her audience through her struggles. “We all deal with curve balls and unexpected sh*t in life. None of us are dealt perfect hands. I’ve just found a way to not let it control me. That’s what drives me to create music the most.” Since her abusive alcoholic mother lost her life to addiction in 2017, her ambitions have been ever-evolving, but one thing remains constant: “I want to show people that no matter how dark your story is or how ridiculous and crazy your family is, you have the choice; you can turn your struggles into good things.”

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