Sarah Alysse

Sarah Alysse

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Sarah's an independent free-spirited Singer/Songwriter. She writes about love, loss, and embracing the
challenges of being a twenty-something. Her haunting voice has been compared to the likes of Regina Spektor and Alicia Keys.


Sarah Alysse continually finds herself drawn to her piano as a means of self reflection. With a wide pool of inspiration that pulls from modern soul and pop music, she sings songs with biting verve and a compelling dynamic range. This results in a refreshing approach to song composition and subject matter. Whether solo or with a band, Sarah Alysse connects with her audience and creates an alluring sound all her own.


Human Again

Written By: Sarah Alysse

This phase in my life has proven that I can ride through most anything
And though there’s a part of me that’s been missing for years
You gave me hope that I could cope and let myself take flight

Oh love, you healed my deepest wounds
And I’m thankful I got to know you
Although it was brief
Oh love, we shared many tears
But in some ways it brought me back
To feeling Human Again

On our first date you went
Out of your way
Drove me to your favorite place
Conversation was endless
Oh attraction was high
And though we didn’t kiss
There was this electricity inside


Sometimes I think about what we could’ve had
Sometimes I think about what we could’ve been
Living life like that though isn’t fair at all
Always second guessing and reminiscing
So let’s leave it alone throw it to the unknown


I’m stronger than I ever was

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