Sarah Anastasia Friedman

Sarah Anastasia Friedman


Sarah Anastasia Friedman’s album is much anticipated. She led her voice to Quebec’s most recognized artist, and now, she puts the light on her very unique voice and her beautiful music.


In a local theatre workshop in her mother’s birth place, Chile – while interpreting a Beatles song - she discovers her passion for music and the art of lyrical writing. Thus begins her musical journey.

During her adolescence and early twenties she embarks on a world tour, featuring her glorious voice and guitar. Traveling from central to South America, Asia to Australia, she survives by playing in small cafés and clubs. Her adventure soon becomes her source of inspiration, as well as her day to day life experience.

After an absence of four years overseas, she comes back to Montreal and reacquaints with an old friend: Antoine Sicotte, prime member of a band called SKY. Soon enough they create a pop flavoured album named Traveling Infinity. The album sold more than
35 000 copies around the world and two of the singles have made it to Number 1 in the radio charts. She also received a SOCAN award and a MuchMusic Video award for the song You.

Her unquenchable thirst for exploring new musical fields drives her to leave SKY behind. Soon after, she’s introduced to an icon of her youth, Daniel Bélanger who invites her to join him on tour as a back vocalist. She also lends her voice to Jean Leloup very popular album, La vallée des réputations. Trough those years, she finds inspiration to write her first solo album. This first solo effort will be produced by Carl Bastien (Adisq’s producer of the year in 2003 for Daniel Bélanger’s acclaimed album, Rêver Mieux.)


Traveling Infinity – Sky