sarah aubrey

sarah aubrey


Girl goes to London for love, gets her heart broken...two weeks later she buys a guitar. Finalist in this years 2006 Music Oz Awards.


When Sarah's heart got dropped from a very great height, she picked up a guitar and tried to make sense of what she was going through. Call it therapy if you like, but a new voice was born inside her, one that wouldn't stop beating at the door called "love" and asking "why".
Her songs have been used on numerous television promos for Home and Away, The L word and All Saints.
With her band she's played the Basement to the Epsy. One of Australia's up and coming singer songwriters expect to hear more about her.


ha ha hey

Written By: sarah aubrey

We live and we learn
Fall down and get up, then wait our turn
When we look back things never look so bad
Except the things, the things wish we’d had
Wish we’d had

Sometimes we fight just to stay afloat
Weighed down, like a leaky, a leaky broken boat
Struggling to keep above the water line
The simile is playing on my mind

Ha ha ha ha hey x3
It’s just another day

Sometimes the voice of simple truth
Is like an angry man screaming, screaming in a phone booth
No wants to hear what he’s got to say
It’s easier to walk away

Cutting corners just to beat the, beat the daily grind
All the while leaving pieces, pieces behind
Running single file, in our own fucked up race
Slowly disappearing without a trace

Ha ha ha ha hey x3
It’s just another day

When everyone else is in on the joke
The last laugh and a stupid, stupid hoax
Just smile, and take a bow
Just smile, and take a bow
Just smile
Just smile and take a…

Ha ha ha ha hey x3
It’s just another…

Just smile to beat the daily grind
Just smile to beat the daily grind


ep Lakewood Drive (available online or at fish records)

FBi Radio, JJJ, ABC 702 Sydney, Beat FM and Bondi FM

Set List

one cover, the kinks' i really got you

set length up to 90min
(19 songs)