Sarah Ault

Sarah Ault


Down-Tempo Alternative Soul


I was born and raised in sunny southern california. i started singing harmony with my mother from a very young age as well as taking piano lessons, guitar lessons, and vocal training all of which i abandoned around the age of 13, mainly for more important teenage things, like boys, shopping, and sometimes school. my family has had the same piano in our home since i was very little, and one day, in 2003, i just sat down and started playing again. it brought me back, but quite slowly. as of right now i do not read music, i feel music. over the past few years my songs have progressed from the simplest one, repeated, note verses to complex scores of music that i never thought would come out of me. i am always growing and learning and am going to learn to read music again. in november of 2004, my mother wanted a copy of my songs for her birthday. i went into a friends studio and recorded all 6 of my original songs (a catalog which now includes over 20). i am in dire need of new recordings and am in the process right now, as well as always putting live recordings up on here that i get from various shows and off of my inefficient knowledge of garageband. i hope you enjoy what i have come up with, i certainly do. thanks for listening.

Set List

2- Sets, Each one is 30 Minutes.