Sarah Brosch

Sarah Brosch


Although I am female, and although I play guitar and sing, I am not Jewel.


Sometimes less is more. Rarely does such a metaphor hold such significance as in the case of Sarah Brosch. Breaking free from everything that held her back in previous bands, Sarah's solo career has blossomed, allowing her to accurately harness her emotions into a powerful collection of original songs.

Sarah Brosch grew up in the suburban town of Howell, Michigan, in one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. Her complete immersion in her music has led to her becoming one of the more talented and revered songwriters in the local music scene. With the 2003 release of her first solo album, Goodthing.Badthing.Everything., Sarah finally had an album to call her own.

The album was recorded in her basement studio, and features eleven dynamic tracks ranging from the pop-influenced ballad "Coffee Grounds" to "Next Season", a jazzy song that would not be out of place in a Martini Bar in downtown New Orleans. Everything you hear or see on Sarah's CD was completed by only her, and her alone. This is Sarah at her most vulnerable, and one cannot help but to be drawn to her.

As impressive as her album work is, Sarah's greatest strength lies in her live show. Having played venues ranging from local colleges to various coffeehouses, she draws the attention of every type of music fan. Combining her vast arsenal of originals with a few well-picked and completely re-worked covers, Sarah can play up to two hours of music. She generally breaks her evening into a guitar set and a piano set, and with both sets uses multiple effects to enhance her live sound. Her sound appeals to lovers of jazz, folk, rock, emo, and pop.


Unravel (Such a Girl)

Written By: Sarah Brosch

I am broken beyond belief
But it's such a strange relief
To feel this way again.
I'm only comfortable
When I'm certain that it's gonna hurt.
Yeah, it's a little sick;
It's a little sad,
But it feels so good.

Please don't take this
Crutch away.
I'm not ready
To face anything.

I'm curled up in a little ball.
It's time for me to unravel,
Dry my eyes and quit being
Such a girl.
If I had just one wish
I would wish I could
Just grow up,
Take it like a man, and quit being
Such a girl.

I've got my defenses up,
Got my bullet-proof vest
Around me tight.
I can't explain why
Feeling down just
Feels so right.
Can I be held responsible
When I can't hold myself
Together most days?
You tricked me and you
Coersed me into thinking
That I want it this way.


Written By: Sarah Brosch

Tears evaporated,
Yet easily replaced.
Measuring my days here
By the whiskers on your face.
Capture every moment
In notes and photographs.
Tangible reminders
That what is now will soon be past.

There must be some word
To make you want to stay,
But you leave me speechless
With nothing left to say.

Every conversation
Still upon your lips.
A much envied position,
That I could be your fingertips,
And bring you endless pleasure;
Hold your cigarette
To show you that I love you
To make sure you don't forget.

You leave me breathless
Almost every single day
And you leave me silent
With nothing left to say.

On and on
We find creative ways to hide.
On and on
We're only comfortable
When our hands are tied.
On and on
We use discourse to run away.
What good are words

So I'll wrap myself around you
Whenever you get cold,
And warm you like a lover
Until we both grow old.
And when death seems to be
Just one day away,
You'll still leave me speechless
With nothing left to say.

The End

Written By: Sarah Brosch

When I wake up, you're not here
To tell me good morning.
We both know what that means:
Looks like I fucked up again.

As you walk through the hallway
I know I am nowhere near
The back of your mind.

But baby, won't you try for me
Just a little
So I don't look like such a damn
Fool for defending your honor again?
There's no need to pretend;
I know it's the end.

I know that you fear commitment,
But it's not like I wanna
Get married tonight.
I don't need no ring on my
Finger to make this feeling
Linger 'til I go out of my mind.

I'm not trying to own you,
Not trying to control you.
Darling, just give an inch.
Looks like I messed up again.
I'm quite a reasonable gal;
Even I have my limits
Before it all goes to hell.

So baby, won't you try for me
Just a little?
'Cuz I'm tired of playing the fool by
Defending your honor again.
There's no need to pretend;
I know it's the end.


goodthing.badthing.everything. (LP, 2003)

Set List

Sets vary in length depending on the gig, but they usually run between half an hour to two hours.

Typical Originals I Put Into My Set List:
1. Paper Thin
2. Stage
3. Undressed
4. Unravel
5. Coffee Grounds
6. The End
7. Pieces
8. Heartburn
9. Prospect
10. Next Season
11. Tame You
12. Heartbeat
13. Too Much
14. Jealous
15. Away
16. Busy
17. Cruel Punishment

Some Sample Covers:
1. Me and Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin)
2. Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead O'Conner)
3. Oh, Darlin'! (Beatles)
4. Cryin' (Aerosmith)
5. My Name is Jonas (Weezer)
6. Never is a Promise (Fiona Apple)
7. Who Will Save Your Soul? (Jewel)
8. Stay (Lisa Loeb)
9. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
10. Ordinary World (Duran Duran)
11. Long December (Counting Crows)
12. Photograph (Verve Pipe)