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Spot Chore

Written By: Sarah Clark

Bronze stars over my head, flying as I have fled
Feeling like I do, already dead
Full moon glowing bright, rising just as I fight
Looking like I do, spinning just for spite
I can feel my hurt locked under my smirk
Leaking into my heart like dirt

Ch. I always knew what to do, never saw who was standing there
Could have planned where I shot, if I could only miss that spot
No one would hate me anymore and breathing
Wouldn't have to be a chore

Blue waves crash before my feet, pounding out a simple beat
Like my simple heart, fluttering in heat
Stroke out to the ocean deep, look below and feel the seep
Of happiness explode, I couldn't keep
Sink lower into the blue mermaids holding me true
Swim with my love, resurface from you


Wonder Years

Written By: Sarah Clark

Stars and lights and moments that feel so right

Movies in the sky, scenes that want to make you cry

Sparkling eyes and adventure, strangers in the night

Run away without a fight

Ch. Close my eyes and plug my ears

Dream away the wonder years

Know that for once I am alive

Throw up my hands and sway my hips

Bat my eyes and pucker my lips

Feel the surge and I will survive

Dark theater and velvet seats

Trembling as you watch

The kiss when the actors’ lips lock

Watch the credits and slouch low

The lights turn on, but you will not go


Just like a TV show, you watch as the world goes by

Just like a movie script, you say the words

And only the words that fit

Just like an actress you play the role perfectly

Not at all like your real life

Not at all what it really feels like, but it’s nice

Standing in cold air outside, waiting for your ride

Hoping they will take their time

Thinking ‘bout when you will grow up

The feelings you will feel
And yet you might lose so much