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The best kept secret in music


"Cram takes new musical path"

"Desire leads to a Very unproductive girl," Sarah Cram sings at one point on the song "Mesmerize Me."
Ironic, since the body of work on "Darlin'," Cram's solo album debut seems to argue otherwise.
Desire --fulfilled and unfulfilled--lead the 27-yearold singer-songwriter to strum and/or pound on her guitar through 13 tracks that detailher struggle to make sense of a broken heart, mind games played by past lovers and her lust for a certain actor from "Edward Scissorhands."
That's nothing new; these topics have been trodden by countless singer-songwriters before. It's new for Cram, though, who Corridor Audiences may remember as lead singer of local "party band" Greener several years back.
Now, going in an entirely different direction, Cram brings a brutal honesty-- along with moments of humorous indiffence--that keep "Darlin' " fresh and engaging.
"You're breaking my heart, and that nothing new, " she wryly notes at one point; later, she assures a past lover that "maybe next time when I touch myself/I'll think of Johnny Depp?Instead of your face."
Ouch. Cram doesn't hold back; she offers many raw observations on the men who have loved her, hurt her and ticked her off.
Yet "Darlin' " isn't just about anger, or even desolation. Even in her worst moments, Cram makes it clear that desire is still there-- and she knows she'll find something better.
Cram is joined by Katie Rowe on cello for "Let Me Be the One," a beautifully produced track that reinforces Cram's theme of longing. It's the highlight of the album.
Greener, billed as "Cedar Rapids' favorite party band" in its 2001 heyday, was popular with local audiences for its blend of jazz, rock and funk. "Darlin' " is much more personal for Cram, and it's a directionthat suits her.
Released independently, " Darlin' " can be found at CD Warehouse, Barnes & Noble Booksellers and The Coffee Emporium in Cedar Rapids. - Rob Merritt of the Cedar Rapids Gazette

"Sarah Cram- No Limits"

The recently released Sarah Cram CD, "Darlin' ", showcases the raw, honest, and relatable journey of a 27 year old women traveling through life. The music softens the footings for listenres with an old country/ modern folk vibe. This balances the truthful and sometimes harsh lyrics describing the rough world of dating and love gone wrong. According to Cram, "My songs are a direct reflection of what is on my mind when I am home by myself. They are very personal but I'm sure everyone can relate. If I have a strange infatuation or a secret, I write about it. It's like a diary set to music.
While Cram may review "Darlin' " as a representation of where her music stands today, the beginning, the collection is very impressive. Cram often uses unexpected impressions to express her thoughrd and views on the situations she has encountered. These interesting descriptions say waht many have thought but few have been brave enough to state. So if this is indeed cram's "beginning", we can't wait to see what happens next. (Cram anticipates that her next project will sound "very different".)
Cram's style has been influenced by rock, pop, country, R&B, soul and a variety of female musicians. "My style is a little more edgy live than what the CD represents. I love music from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. I love to listen to music and I am very much influenced by all parts of it. When I perform it is still very intimate but I want to rock out more, so I play plenty of up tempo stuff and wail a whole lot more, " said Cram. this diversity allows Cram to coalesce what she enjoys about every genre and deliver an amazing outcome.
She performs with a mixture of other musicians during solos and group performances. "When my friend Katie Rowe, joins me with her beautiful cello it takes my music to another level. I'm also in a band called Autodramatics, they are blues and punkrock. . We're putting out an album right now. It's so exciting. I hope to tour and write and get better and better. I feel like I'm living my dreams and I just want to keep doing it, " said Cram.
- Sherri Geistkemper of the Penny Saver




Feeling a bit camera shy


Sarah Cram is a 27 year old singer/songwriter born and raised in Iowa. Is it easy being an artist in the middle of Iowa, the middle of no where? Hell no. What you can expect from Sarah is a wonderful blend of old country and modern folk with a sprinkle of rock- n-roll attitude. She is a beautiful, sweet Midwestern girl who can look you straight in the eye and tell you exactly what is on her mind. It is sexy, powerful, and exquisite.

Sarah’s debut solo album, “Darlin”, is her romantic confessional to you. Driven and inspired by this curse called love, Sarah wrote, played, sang, and produced each song on the album. Each song appears on the disc in the order they were written and we hear Sarah’s personal story of a love lost and a new love found. Through this transitional and complex period in her life, Sarah kept her focus on the subject of love and maintained its integrity through basic guitar chords and modest vocals. The album was recorded in an abandoned church in Toddville, Iowa. The equipment? A two-inch tape machine. Her vocals and lyrics are sultry and raw. Her range is explosive and touches you where you are most vulnerable. No frills and no fuss create an intimate setting where Sarah is singing only to you and for you.

“Love is completely imperfect. It can scar the soul. But it can breathe the very breath you need to survive.”

Sarah has completely immersed herself in the music business through a number of projects as a way to create and nurture an art industry where one does not exist. Her debut album was released in August 2005 and she is currently promoting her new album. In the meantime, Sarah is also the editor-in-chief of a local music/art magazine, “CRAM,” which she began in 2002 to help promote local musicians, artists, and businesses in the Cedar Rapids and surrounding area. In addition, she performs, choreographs, and tours with “The Autodramatics,” a blues and punk inspired rock band. From 1997 to 2003, Sarah also was the lead singer of “Greener,” a local hit whose popularity ranged from Gen Xers to Baby Boomers. Prior to that, she gained jazz vocal experience through her collaboration with “The Kirkwood Big Band” and “The Eddie Piccard Trio.”