Sarah Dinan

Sarah Dinan

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandFolkChildren's Music

Music that is fun, family friendly and anything but boring! Interactive shows feature songs and stories to get bodies moving and help little ones learn about their world. Sarah and her band are a tour de force that performs a diverse repertoire of songs and tunes from around the globe.


Sarah grew up in an environment filled with music and fell in love with singing at an early age. A woman of remarkable talent, Sarah has a natural aptitude and appreciation for folk music and sings in a variety of languages including Spanish and both Irish and Scots Gaelic. Her love of music and storytelling is evident in her performance and her voice has been described by both critics and audiences as breathtaking, crystal clear, angelic, beautiful and enchanting. Since the launch of her solo career in August 2003, Sarah has performed with some of Texas' most respected Celtic and Folk musicians, released her debut Celtic CD, "From the Ashes" and added children's music shows to her regular performance schedule. Sarah's voice has received much critical acclaim and she and her band have rapidly become a highly respected ensemble on the Texas Celtic music scene.

In her children's shows, Sarah draws from her experiences as an educator, musician, performer and camp counselor to create an engaging, entertaining program the entire family can enjoy. Her children's sets typically include a variety of folk, traditional Celtic, silly story, call and response, sing along and original songs. Children are encouraged to dance and sing as the music inspires them.

Sarah is accompanied by the same band mates who accompany her on the Celtic/Folk music she has been performing since 2003. These talented musicians share her passion for bringing excellence to everything they do and, like Sarah, love to bring smiles to children's faces while sharing music that doesn't bore the parents. (As a parent herself, Sarah can see the need for music everyone can enjoy and fills it with aplomb). This line up sets her apart from many of the local children's musicians.

When families come to one of Sarah's shows, they not only get to dance and sing-along, they are exposed to a variety of genres and instruments. Sarah sings and tell stories, Dana Martin plays guitar and sings, Alexis Buffum plays the fiddle and Nick Mitchell plays percussion (including djembe, congas, snare and various auxiliary percussion like shakers, bells, etc.). Often, some of Alexis' violin students will make guest appearances, playing along on a song or sharing one of their own. The children in the audience find it exciting to see someone their age playing the violin! Sarah's shows give a very positive message to all her audience members that you are never too young or too old to follow your dreams.

Sarah released her first children's CD, "For A Little One I Love" in August of 2010. The CD reflects her live shows with something for everyone and features a variety of genres including Folk, Irish, Americana and Cowboy music as well as some original songs. "For A Little One I Love" is a collection of up-tempo songs for playtime and slower songs and lullabies for quieter times.


For A Little One I Love - 2010, Sassafras Productions

Set List

In addition to performing family friendly songs from a variety of genres including Americana, Celtic, Folk and Cowboy music, Sarah performs original songs as well as some songs from today's singer-songwriters. Sarah has a wide ranging repertoire of music spanning many hours and is therefore able to tailor her selections to best suit the venue and audience.