Toronto, Ontario, CAN

I'm a one-woman band, quite terrified by people but I'm good at putting on a show, and paradoxalement, I love creating worlds that, I wish, will drive some people away from here, even though I kinda love it here.
I'm a weird bipolar single-brained band.

Second EP Released This Summer for Free.
New track Phasmaphone online now !


I am Fawkes.

Born and raised in Southern France, I'm currently living and working in Toronto, Canada.
I'm a dreamer, working full time on developing my Vision.

Right now, I'm working on my second EP.
It will be released this summer, for free, online.

New track Phasmaphone online now !


I was lucky enough to be featured by Snoop Dogg recently as a part of his March Soundcloud Mix.
The song is called "Let me be the One", and it was made out of both his instrumental track and my lyrics/voice.

Here it is : http://soundcloud.com/sarahfawkes/let-me-b-tha-one-snoop-dogg

I released my first EP called The Sad Waters online in March 2012, and I am currently working on my second EP which will be released for free on my website this summer.

New track Phasmaphone online now !

Set List

I'm the Night
Roma Fuck Heritage
Orange, August
As I Lay Here, I lie, You Hear