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Sarah Hethcoat

 Los Angeles, California, USA

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Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Sarah Hethcoat isn’t afraid of hard work. Driven with a force seldom seen today, Hethcoat works at her musical craft every free moment of the day. While many artists wait for success to be handed to them, Hethcoat is busy creating her own. Hethcoat’s deep-rooted creativity was first discovered and explored through her study of the piano. While she exemplified a great deal of talent as a pianist, Hethcoat wanted more. Since she didn’t enjoy practicing scales and theory, you would most often find her writing and creating her own compositions.

Raised in Northern California, at the age of twelve, Hethcoat began studying voice and started to excel. She soon found herself landing leading roles in the world of musical theatre. Frequently told by her mentors that she had talent and stage presence well beyond her years and after appearing in over 25 musicals; Hethcoat made a choice that would once again change her life. As much as she loved the stage, she felt the need to venture outside of the characters she portrayed. Sarah Hethcoat wanted to come into her own sound. She had her own stories to tell.

“I knew it was something I had to do, and I knew I could do it … I simply needed to make the choice,” Sarah says about her decision to stop doing theater and pursue her own writing. “No one ever told me I could do it. No one said ‘this is how.’ It was just a feeling that wouldn’t go away. There was no other option. When I first moved to Los Angeles I would write with whoever I could. I had a day job working in the music business. I learned a lot sitting behind that desk, but my perspective and experience was so different. It was never about anything other than doing what I am doing now; working my craft-- writing great songs with great people, and sharing them with anyone who’d listen. Theatre had taught me the power of telling a good story, and that I had an ability to reach people through performance. I figured if I could apply what I’d learned in theatre to my own stories, it would work.”

Hethcoat’s songs are less about simple stories of relationships than they are about recognition of growth in oneself. They’re all very reflective. They center on learning to love and growing from the trials and tribulations that come with the territory.

Sarah is currently writing for Catalogs that place music in both TV & Film. She recently signed a co-publishing deal that will be placing some of her original music in TV, Film, Gaming, and Advertisement arenas. In addition to writing, Sarah performs both acoustically and with a full band all over Los Angeles. Sarah writes and plays with a long list of some of the best players in town. Some of her original material is available for purchase on Itunes, and other digital retail mediums.

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Sarah Hethcoat - Prosody (2008)
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Sarah Hethcoat - Faces (2008)
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Sarah Hethcoat - Nobody Likes a Bully (2008)
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Set List

These days we play all originals. Sarah is writing & co-writing with some amazing musicians. Sarah's live set is continuously evolving.