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Sarah Holgate

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Best of the Abingtons"

Winner: Sarah Holgate,

Growing up in East Benton, the 27- year- old singer/songwriter began performing her own material when she was 14. She recently released her second CD “Somewhere Past Distraction.” “This album would have never happened without my producer Carl and all the great musicians who played on it…it’s also thanks to all the fans that have supported me over the years,” said Holgate. - Abington Journal

"Patience is a virtue"

Ear Full
Sarah Holgate’s second album a time-tested gem
By Randy Shemanski

When she finished her first album in 2004, Sarah Holgate considered starting work on her next album right away. Instead, she decided to wait, spent some time traveling, and now she’s back with her follow-up album, Somewhere Past Distraction, which was released in December.

Somewhere Past Distraction is full of upbeat jazz stylings mixed with a handful of slower, mellow tunes. The 13-track disc contains one thing throughout — soulful harmonies — probably resulting from her upbringig in classical and jazz music.

Holgate, who grew up in East Benton and now lives in New York, recorded the album with Carl Shinko and Longfooter Productions in Kingston over an almost two-year span starting in the spring of 2008. But many of the songs were written shortly after her debut album, Welcoming The Night, was released in 2004.

“There’s definitely a lot more freedom,” Holgate told ec/dc of Somewhere Past Distraction. “In 2004, I was trying a bit harder to just create one mood. With this album, my goal is to kind of create many moods and celebrate all of the music I’ve experienced.

“We were thinking about recording it pretty much a year after the first one, but I decided I just wasn’t ready,” she added. “I needed to learn more, I just wanted to grow as a musician and see a bit of the world.”

She accomplished that partly by studying at Penn State under noted classical pianist Marylene Dosse. Holgate also spent some time working on a cruise ship as a pianist, backup vocalist and ocassionally sitting in with a jazz trio.

“I got to see a lot of how other performers put their shows together and I got to work with a lot of really great jazz musicians and learn how much I don’t know,” she said with a laugh.

Because she had a lot of the songs from Somewhere Past Distraction already written, Holgate was able to play them during gigs over the past few years, which helped improve the songs, she said. The album is a loose reflection of her life, some songs mirroring her experiences while others may not be true, yet they still provide a window into her musical past.

“The album is just a reflection on different stages of my life somewhere. Some of the stories are true and some are made up, but it’s just sort of a blend of the different influences I had and how it sort of shaped me as a person and as a musician,” she said. “I studied classical music in school and jazz and also I grew up in the country with a lot of folk and country music. For a long time I was torn as far as which direction I wanted to go with this album, so it’s sort of my way of just fusing it together into what makes me want to play music.”

Holgate, who also studied under Ray Cramer in Dalton while living at home, is playing live shows as often as she can while promoting Somewhere Past Distraction. While she’s already started work on new music, she’s going to wait before recording a third album.

“I’m not in a huge hurry,” she said “I’d like to kind of play them out and let them grow a bit. I just want to keep doing what I’ve been doing.”

Sounds like a good idea.

Somewhere Past Distraction is available through iTunes or on her website at - Electric City/Diamond City

"Sarah and band to be featured on WVIA-FM's Homegrown Music with George Graham"

From the WVIA website:

A few years ago, Sarah Holgate was one of the featured high school Artists of the Week on WVIA-TV. Earlier this year, the talented singer-songwriter and pianist released her second CD Somewhere Past Distraction to very favorable reviews. She has been performing in New York City as well as in her native Wilkes-Barre area. She makes her Homegrown Music debut with some new material plus re-interpretations of songs from her CD, joined by a quartet including her brother Eric on bass.

Sarah's Homegrown Music session is scheduled to air on September 28th, 2010.


Somewhere Past Distraction (album)
Sarah Holgate
Longfooter Productions 2009

Welcoming the Night (album)
Sarah Holgate
Longfooter Productions 2004

Love is a Battlefield
MC Paisan



I’m gonna keep this simple because just like most people, I’m still trying to find my place and understand how I fit into this world. One thing I did learn early on is that music is a constant, a compass for me, and I love and connect with it more than anything else. I have had many amazing and wonderful experiences so far and I consider myself very lucky to have the chance to share what I love most with all of you. Thank you all for supporting me whether you’re just listening for the first time, or a die hard fan. ~Sarah

A little bit about me

I was Born in Scranton PA, Sept 12, the year of the dog.
I grew up in the small town of East Benton, somewhere between the farms, the post office, the fields, the church, and the woods.
I grew up in a very creative and musical household
I’m the third of six siblings (inevitable middle-child angst)
I started playing piano at age 7, learning by ear some tunes taught to me by my Dad. Then soon after began taking formal lessons with Ray Cramer in Dalton PA. Through high school I studied mostly classical and a little bit of jazz
I started singing as a very small child, but was way to shy to sing in public, but I got over it when I was about 14, and haven’t stopped since
I wrote songs all through high school, usually during math classes…
I studied piano for a while at both The Eastman School of Music, and Penn State University
I released my first album, “Welcoming the Night” back in June, 2004
For the next few years I spent time performing and promoting that album, then I took time off to go back to school, did more writing, did some travelling, finally came back to recording
I released my latest album, “Somewhere Past Distraction” in December, 2009

Music on my frequent playlists lately: Jason Mraz, Ani Difranco, India Arie, Joni Mitchell, Susan Graham, Amy Winehouse, Nancy Wilson, Chopin, Mozart, Maroon Five, Incubus, John Mayer, John Denver, Colbie Caillat, Jack Johnson, Harry Connick Jr, Billie Holiday, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple

Fun facts about me:

I’ve seen every single episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman many times. I own an “I love Sully” T-shirt you can get one too, by clicking here.
I’m creeped out by dolls, especially when they’re headless or heads without bodies.
I went to Australia, saw Kangaroos, then ate them. Delicious.
When I was about ten, my brother Eric (bass player), “accidentally” rode over my head with a BMX bike, leaving tire tracks.
My dog Matilda is very cute and she is afraid of mops.