Sarah Ingraham

Sarah Ingraham

 Encinitas, California, USA
BandPopNew Age

East Indian in a sunny jazz cafe, where all cultures live as one race, "Human". New Age/Ambient/Global Pop hybrid of East Indian, electronic, jazz, and pop. Featuring up tempo dance as well as mystical ballads.


165 Radio Stations Broadcasting HUMAN in 2008 go to for details!

HUMAN DEBUTS at NO 6 on NAR Charts! MARCH 2008 and holds at #6 for April 2008

Nominated for FEMALE VOCAL, BEST SONG and PRODUCTION in the New Age/Ambient category for the 2007 LA MUSIC AWARDS!

EMME K EDITORE VOL #186 NEW AGE and NEW SOUNDS Written by: Silvia Turrin
"For years this US Singersongwriter has created a bridge between East and West through her hypnotic and fascinating voice. On her debut album HUMAN she fuses the sounds of different cultures while showing how they are all interconnected."

"Fusion to the Nth Degree.Sarah has traveled the world in search of music that she can grasp, understand and shape into a concept that has universal appeal"

"If you like songs that have an intelligent and international flavor while still remaining catchy and pop-oriented, I encourage you to check out the music of Sarah Ingraham. If this is the new direction of New Age music, sign me up!

Rating: 3/5 STARS

Working with studio/keyboard wizard Rob Mullins, sultry singer/songwriter Sarah Ingraham’s Human sizzles, soars, struts and sashays from your speakers with an exotic mixture of world fusion, electronica, jazz and pop, featuring intelligent lyrics that manage to both entertain and enlighten without crossing over the line into preachy sermonizing. Whether pulsing with rhythmic energy on the opening title track, shuffling along on chill-out beats, ethnic drums, and pulsing laser-zapping synths on “Free at Last,” ramping it up on the frenetic - to say the least - techno-paced “Hojayegi Balle” (Punjab for “You’ll Go Ga Ga”), or slowing down on the blend of torch-song sexiness with world beat spiciness of “Romantic Fantasies,” Ingraham and Mullins whisk the listener away through a mixture of captivating melodies, catchy beats, and the artist’s sensual vocals. Ingraham possesses a great voice and knows how to use it while producer/arranger/engineer Mullins pushes all the right buttons on the mixing board (not to mention his musical expertise). While there is no mistaking the world music influences (notably East Indian and Middle Eastern), Human should appeal to more than just those who enjoy traveling through their music, as the CD is always accessible if not downright irresistible at times. Thumbs up from me!

Sarah's debut cd "HUMAN" produced and co-written by Grammy nominated jazz master Rob Mullins is a blend of East Indian, pop, jazz, dance and R&B. At home singing in a variety of musical genres Sarah sees music as a place for people to come together and discover cross cultural understanding as well as exploring our desire for romantic and divine love.

A voice and harpsichord major at UCSC, Sarah's fascination and passion for world music led her to Japan and India where she studied traditional instruments and genres. While in Japan, Sarah studied Japanese harp (OKOTO) with Sawako Fukuhara in Kyoto and became inspired by the worldbeat and electronica music of Ofra Haza, Orb and Cocteau Twins. Eager to explore the musical traditions of India, Sarah lived and studied with a generations old family of tabla players and singers . She studied ghazals and filmis with AZIZ KHAN JAIPURI and performed nightly in venues such as Laxmi Vilas Palace Hotel.

Sarah continued performing Indian ghazals and filmis for Indian, Pakistani and Afghani audiences all over the United States and was subsequently recognised by the Indian music industry when she became a semifinalist on the hit music show SAREGAMA on ZEE TV during its international taping in New York with HARIHARAN, ALLA MALLU MANI and USTAD AMJAD ALI KHAN as judges. SONU NIGAM hosting.

Sarah was the singer co-writer of "Remembering the Future" with virtuoso guitarist Angel Romero on RCA VICTOR, singing in Urdu and English.
She sang an Indian style a capella intro for Rob Mullins' "Dance for the New World" on WARNER BROS which went NO 1 in the UK.

Explorations into the Asian underground led to the "TOMMY" AWARD WINNING multimedia performance "Continuums" with Jonathan Gage in which she composed and sang the vocal in Japanese and played koto.


In This World Together

Written By: Ingraham/Mullins

People all around the world
wonderin what the future holds
wars are killin people
in a hunger for control
People fightin for a God
Preachin that the others wrong
cant we see we all belong
and live on earth as one

We are in this world together
Search for a solution
Find a better way
Cuz we all play this game together
start a revolution
make a better day

The human race must make a stand
find a way to understand
mother earth is getting restless
its time for harmony
We have the choice for war or peace
global suffering must cease
everybody can unite
turn darkness into light

Chorus repeat

We can love the world
oh yes we can
love the world

Romantic Fantasies

Written By: Ingraham/Mullins

Romantic Fantasies are an illusion
A way to hide something that I just don't see
Are you or aren't you the one
I am longing for?
Are you the one that I've waited to see?
Is this the end or is this the beginning?
A false sense of hope or the way it could be?
I cant see anything over or under me
Is this the place that I wanted to be?

Hang on theres no need to go under
Hang on after waiting so long
Hang on and Ill try to be stronger
You've been with me all along

Possession is such an addictive reality
I've fallen further than I thought I'd go
The voices inside of my head are not stopping
all that I thought that I wanted to show
This story is at a new type of crescendo
Teetering on a new way to be free
Obsessing about all the ways that I love you
Searching for all the new ways to be me


solo release "Human" cowritten and produced by Rob Mullins

singer/co-writer on RCA VICTOR release "Remembering the Future" Angel Romero

singer on Rob Mullins' "Dance for the New World" WARNER BROS.

Set List

The set for the album is 45 minutes featuring live instruments

The second set is 30-45 min of more New Age/Ambient/Pop originals and some Indian and Bhangra songs.