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Ben's Daddy

Written By: Sarah Isabelle dark

(A) Verse

Ben's dady was downing whiskey
As he crept out of the door
Packed up a bag and left in the dark
Said he couldn't take no more

No more fighting with his daddy
No more silent streaks of red
No more nights that ate away at him
As he cried inside his bed


But Ben, he found a way out
In a place that we can't see
And even though it gets real cold out there
Well, at least it makes him free

(B) Verse

Now Ben stares at all the people
Before he sits and hangs his head
Knows that he'll be walking streets again
While they're warm inside their beds

And he knows that its all his fault
He aint got no pretty Gucci ties
In a world that says we're people when we paint our face with lies

[Repeat Chorus]


Ben is almost gone now
And we watch him fade away
But it doesn't really matter
'Cuz at least we'll still get paid

[Repeat Chorus]

Station of Feelings

Written By: Sarah Isabelle Dark

(A) Verse

For days you've been there waiting
Got your ticket, got your doubt
Sometimes you say it's real scary there
But when your train comes you'll be out

Out there, all you see's an empty track
All you hear is the sound of your own shoes
Days like these, it's cold and dark and lonely there
But don't cry child, you know your train will come real soon


I'm sorry sweetheart you got caught
Now there are only lonely thoughts
Now you're ticket has been bought
And you're stuck, lost at the station of feelings

(B) Verse

You're alway thinking 'bout going home now
From that place where you can't see
You say your life feels like it's a wasting here
But don't hurt child, when your train comes you'll be free