sarah jane

sarah jane


soothing, melancholy, clear, and passionate.. with a bit of an edge.. raw celtic-tinged honesty.. pointed, dissonant, questioning, and hopeful..


sarah jane has been playing her acoustic folk-rock in coffee houses and pubs up and down the west coast since january of 2005. soul-exposing lyrics and sparing guitar patterns combine with her vulnerable and haunting vocals to hush the crowd and draw each person into reflection. 'i write what i know. i write about relationships and communication. i write my friends' stories and my own heartaches. and fears. and hopes. and i hope i'm telling stories that connect with people. it seems that we all walk similar paths and feel the same emotions, but so many people feel alone. i want to let people know that we're not so alone as we sometimes feel. i want to help set them free to BE as they were made to be. free. fully human.' and that's what makes her songs so believable. they're true. a skillful songwriter, sarah jane relies on dissonance and unresolution, reflection and climax, big questions and quiet hopes of answers echoed back and forth between the guitar and her voice. 'kind of like life.' as you sit in the audience, sipping your cappucino or gulping your guinness from an iced glass, you will find yourself reliving your life.. the way it was, the way it could have been, and the way you want it to be from now on. and sarah jane will look you in the eye, from her perch on a stool (in her signature indian-style position), and she will sing you your soul. and you will know that you are not alone.

[from her album cover:]
"every time i open my mouth to sing these songs, there's this little hesitation, this little catch in my throat, as i think about the people who will hear. it's a good kind of hesitation. the kind that is full of curiosity and hope and smiles. these songs are just stories about life and relationship and communication and the things we wanted to say but didn't.. or maybe we did and this is what came of it, you know? and now you are one of those people.. those people i sing to.. and i hope that something in you connects with something in me or something in this music.. and i hope that when you listen to these songs, or even a long time after you hear them, that you smile or cry or feel that feeling inside that maybe you're not so alone as you sometimes feel.. that there's maybe a little bit more to life.. 'cause i think there is.."

what i write comes from years of listening to dvorak and tori amos, cavu and old celtic melodies, simon and garfunkel, medieval chant, rachmaninov, and my mom..

my musical tastes and influences are varied. a sampling: u2, ella fitzgerald, enya, depeche mode, death cab for cutie, pink floyd, nickelback, vertical horizon, vienna teng, carissa's weird, the innocence mission, tori amos, james galloway, charlie hunter, sarah mclachlan, rachmaninov, dido, thursday, the eagles, etc..

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the i love you song

Written By: sarah jane wallace

I love you.. there, I said it.. immortalized in a song
What will come next, I cannot say, but you knew it anyway, so I’d better speak the words
Without the words the heart can hide and the mind can wander far from home
And the questions never spoken can come out in hurtful silence and I hope you know I don’t want that for you

And so I’ll say this to you.. and I’ll wait for your answer.. and I’ll wonder if I’ll see you tomorrow
I’ll trust you with my heart.. I’ll trust you with the awkward smiles and slightly embarrassed laughter

I love you.. there, I said it.. immortalized in a song
Immortal and yet so mortal we feel the wounds and the distance we create in not speaking what is real

And so I’ll say this to you.. and I’ll wait for your answer.. and I’ll wonder if I’ll see you tomorrow
I’ll trust you with my heart.. I’ll trust you with the awkward smiles and slightly uncomfortable laughter

And I like the way you catch me off guard and I like the way you laugh.. and I like that we can talk for hours.. and I like that you read me like a book and you let me read you too.. and I really like that you’re not afraid of anything.. anything I could say

And so I’ll say this to you.. and I’ll wait for your answer.. and I’ll wonder if I’ll see you tomorrow
I’ll trust you with my heart.. trust you with the awkward smiles..
‘Cause I love you..


Written By: sarah jane wallace

The lanterns that burn fire.. they sway to and fro
The warmth of summer red.. now in the winter grows cold
And we cover our bodies with cloth.. and we cover the silence with music and talk
And we cover the loneliness with nice cars and food and we cover..

And we long for warm and comfort
And we long for meaning and purpose
And we long for silence we long for speaking we long..

And we wrap ourselves in a blanket.. and we settle in for the night
We turn on the tv show about friendship and reality.. and we laugh as we pet our cat
And we cling to the hope that we are good as we double-check that deadbolt ‘cause we know that it’s just not true
We fear the evil in each other so we roll up the windows, we lock the doors..

And we long for home
And we long for conversation
And we long for freedom, we long for communion, we long… for elusive..

crystal's song

Written By: sarah jane wallace

Now I turn around.. I long to take hold of your hand.. just as I did years ago
It’s been such a long time since we touched for more than a momentary greeting
Silence has it’s ways of carving these deep chasms

Can you hear me? I want you to understand
Can you see these tears? And reach out your hand?

I am more like you than I like to admit, both in the bad ways, and in the good. I learned from you even when I tried so hard not to
But I’m not that child anymore.. I’ve lived a lot of life, and I’ve made my mistakes
But I did some of it right.. and I really think you would’ve been proud if you had seen me

Can you hear me? Are you listening? I want you to understand
Can you feel these tears? Are you reaching out your hand?



Not Alone - EP : released January 2006
[tracks: For Serious, Elusive, Teleos, The I Love You Song, Idealism Fading]

MySpace audio: rotating set - Elusive, The I Love You Song, The River, For Serious, Crystal's Song

Set List

Two 45-55 minute sets, with one 15-20 minute break.
Set One:
For Serious
The I Love You Song
I Won't
45 Years
In the Winter
What If?

Set Two:
Hannah's Song
The Ledge
Drive Faster
Crystal's Song
Idealism Fading
The River