Sarah-Jean Villa

Sarah-Jean Villa

 Mississauga, Ontario, CAN

Sarah-Jean Villa is a up and coming Pop/Rock artist.


Sarah Jean Villa: Not born but Burst into this world, with a microphone in one hand, riding upon an explosive rainbow of gun smoke and glitter.

She is filled with one thing and one thing only, Desire! The Desire to rock your face off! With melodies to slap your ass and monster pop lyrics to corrupt you soul- Sarah Jean Villa has come to rock, to thrill and to conquer the music scene.

When she's not too busy appearing alongside the likes of FeFe Dobson and Canadian idol winner Melissa O'Neil at the Opera House; or headlining at the Tattoo Rock Parlour with her show, "Take a Bullet for your Valentine;" or gracing the presence of the "Hardcore Sports Radio Show;" or Boobing it up to show her support for a cancer charity, "Boobalicious;" or contending and singing on MuchMusic's "Rockstar Supermodel;" she is currently working on her debut EP. Audiences will be able to hear bone crushing, catchy, ear popping tunes like," JUST BREATHE", "I CAN'T SIT STILL", "LBB," "I LOVE MY DJ," and "ROCK & ROLL PRINCESS."

To sum it up she is creative, driven and daring. Sarah-Jean Villa is ready to take the world by the belt and drag audiences into an oblivion of debauchery. Listen Up and Listen well because it's Sarah-Jean Villa's time to shine and she's come to- Rawk. Rawk you Hard, Rawk you sideways and Rawk you into the ground.

Sarah-Jean Villa is the new "Rock n' Roll Princess!"


Just Breathe
I Can't Sit Still
God Is My Boyfriend
Girls Rule The World
Rock & Roll Princess
Weirds The New Black
I Love My DJ
Rock&Roll Princess
Cherry Boy

Set List

Rock& Roll Princess
Cherry Boy
I Love My Richard
Road Rage
Weird Is The New Black
Battle At The Dinner Table
Mizz Glitter Gun's
Who Really Cares