Sarah Lawton

Sarah Lawton


Hey! Im Sarah Lawton! A UK country Artist/Songwriter/Musician and love writing hit country/pop songs! Check out my music at to hear more! I have been writing/recording/performing from being 13 years old and i'm moving out to Nashville very soon to get my music heard and where it needs to be! Watch this space.... :-)


Sarah always knew she wanted a career in music. After she had a taste of performing in various theatres she realized the passion she found in singing and writing would be what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Sarah started to learn the piano at 10 years old and would sit endlessly learning different material and composing songs. Soon after she began to take vocal coaching lessons and flourished with the new knowledge she was taught and was eager to progress to new levels.

3 years later at 15 years old Sarah began performing to audiences professionally and did various session singing jobs for Major Artists in the UK including pop group sensation S Club 7 and S Club Juniors. She was also lucky enough to be a support act for the Motown legend ‘Jimmy Ruffin’ and eighties pop Eurovision winners ‘Bucks Fizz’ on their UK tour. After 6 years developing her craft she was awarded the ‘Best Female Vocalist’ throughout South Yorkshire.

'Petite, blonde and well dressed, Sarah is the female vocalist category winner and proud as punch she was too. Vocally distinctive, Sarah is an artist who managed to leave a more than favourable impression after a slick and memorable set.'
Mercury Newspaper

Whilst Sarah was performing to audiences across the UK professionally she also trained to become a vocal coach so she could use her talent and knowledge to help other singers develop their vocal skills. She was constantly working with different producers writing and recording her own new material.

In 2009 Sarah decided to move to London to further her music career and it was there she was introduced to top music producer Laurence Woo Allen
They began working together and Sarah’s career has gone from strength to strength. She now has a huge collection of songs and can write in all different genres.
Sarah's passion has always been Country music. After being greatly influenced over the years by Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, Keith Urban and Martina Mcbride (to name a few) she found she could express herself more when she wrote and sang country music. This was where her heart belonged and it always came so naturally. Sarah's dream was to get to Nashville TN. She studied the Nashville music scene and continued writing and recording new country music with Laurence.

Sarah has recently finished writing and recording a collection of her Country/ Pop songs. She has also made a music video to one of the songs "Long Road Home" which is already gaining huge responses on YouTube. Sarah has recently returned from New York and is heading out to Nashville in Sept 2012.

Sarah also recently became a semi-finalist in the '2011 UK Song Writing Competition' with her song 'Superhero' and beat thousands of applicants to reach that position. The International competition has over thousands of entries from all parts of the world and it is the favourite songwriting event of many writers from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia and Europe.
The UKSC judges include many top industry names like top producer Stuart Epps, BRIT Award winning producer, songwriter and musical director Simon Ellis and the legendary producer, musical director and arranger Richard Niles.


Beautiful Day

Written By: Sarah Lawton

Beautiful Day

Verse 1;
It’s a Sunday morning I got tired eyes
All that goes through my mind is what I said to you last night
It was the heat of the moment I burned you with those lies
Said I didn’t care, I wouldn’t apologize
Pre chorus;
And now you’re gone its emptiness that surrounds me here alone
Didn’t think you’d walkaway but id pushed you way too far
Won’t you come back home
Come into my arms where you belong
Swear I will never do you wrong
I’m here with open arms
Just waiting for you ‘cos I’ve been a fool
It was me who broke the rules
You gotta believe me baby when I say
We can turn this storm into a beautiful day
Verse 2;
It won’t stop raining my hearts drowning now
The sun wont shine in my life until we work this out
Cos’ all I can do is tell you how I feel
Give me a chance that’s all I ask
Baby this is real
Pre chorus x1
Chorus x1
Baby it’s raining down on me
Wont you come back home?
Baby it’s raining down on me
Wont you come back home?
Baby it’s raining down on me
Wont you come back home?
Baby it’s raining down on me.. ohhhh
Chorus x1

Lyrics and Melody by Sarah Lawton.
Music and Production by Laurence Allen.
Contact – or 00447507177486

Is This Love

Written By: sarah Lawton

Is This Love

Verse 1;
I don’t know what the hell has happened to me
Going round and round in circles I can hardly breathe
You gave me one look that’s all it took
Now my heads all dizzy and my hearts skipping beats
Pre Chorus;
My friends all tell me I should get a grip
When I tell them I think this maybe could be it
They say I fall too fast, got my head in the clouds
Wont you help me figure it out..
Is this love?
I think about you every night and day
Is this love?
I get shivers when I hear your name
Oh baby baby give me something please
I really need to know if this love is real
I know, everyone knows
The way you light me up you make my world glow
Tell me Is this love
Verse 2;
Now I’ve been told that you should always believe
I cant help the way I am I wear my heart on my sleeve
I’ve been broken I’ve awoken to my heart on the floor
Times a healer, now my heart is wanting loving from yours
Pre Chorus;
Whatever happens I will have no regrets
When its love on the line I dive to any depths
Baby don’t be scared just jump right in
You wont ever have to search for love again
Chorus x1
You make my heart go… like that
Ooo you make my knees go…like that
Pretty baby do you feel this way
Im going crazy need to hear you say….
Chorus x1

Lyrics and Melody by Sarah Lawton.
Music and Production by Laurence Allen
Contact – or 00447507177486