Sarah LEO

Sarah LEO

 London, England, GBR

An orchestrated monolgue. Bound in black and white. A dream that we both had. A love that we ended up losing. I'm simply a story-teller. I put a band together and decided to record it.


French noise-maker with a fierce desire to perform her explosive emotional exorcism on stage, with contrasts of hushed intimacy, and guitar tones that mimic a chainsaw cutting the moon in half, Sarah Leo breaks the divide between the frail rumination of Cat Power and the lo-fi 'don't-give-a-f**k' of Patti Smith. She appeared on the Roundhouse 30:30 & Roundhouse Rising Festival for the UK's freshest talent in Feb 2012 and is releasing her mini-album in March 2012.



Set List

If you see my Lover
The Last Song
Carrying the Light
One Day