Sarah Loveland

Sarah Loveland


I've often been asked "how many instruments do you play!?" and the answer is either not enough, or too many....depending on who's carrying them to gigs! I strive to play and sing music with soul and integrity, that reaches people in their hearts. And makes them feel good.


Sarah is a multi-instrumentalist (oboe, English horn, clarinet, violin, pennywhistles, guitar, to name a few), singer, songwriter and composer whose career spans cultures, genres, and audiences.

Sarah’s original songwriting and instrumental compostion has included web documentaries, accompanying poet Michelle Valladares, and contributing music to various humanitarian efforts. She can be seen regularly in the vibrant music scene in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which she presently calls home.

Classically trained at Juilliard and Mannes College of Music, steeped in gospel, blues, folk, world and popular music; having performed as a musician, actor and dancer in various groups; and working with the Celtic/American Rock band Keep’er Lit and playing in local irish sessions, together with session player Christian Smythe (who fronts the NYC country band Gowanus Corral) Sarah formed The Mighty Shakes, an acoustic band blending their vocals, instruments, and Celtic/Country – original backgrounds. The Shakes perform regularly at the Read Café in Williamsburg, and in Manhattan’s Connolly’s Pub on 45th Street, as well as on the City Canyons Records series.

Appearances & Highlights:
o At 22, became Principal Oboist of Filarmonica de Queretaro; Queretaro, Mexico
o Numerous appearances at Gateway Playhouse, Bellport LI
o Touring with Broadway Curtain Up! Orchestra
o Appearances with Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra
o Issac Mizrahi Show, with singer/songwriter Sara Wendt
o Penn & Teller’s PBS Special “Meet The Orchestra”


Sweet Sweet Heart

Written By: Sarah Loveland

Your sweet, sweet heart is so good to me. It finds me when I’m down and out and keeps me company

All I had before we met, it’s all gone somehow. Remind me if I forget, I’m still dreaming now Of your Sweet, Sweet heart, takes me higher each day, Keeps me from my demons, always holds me safe

and your loves is bigger(stronger) than all this wide world

Your sweet, sweet heart Guides me when I stray, calls me to courage, never goes away

I feel your sweet, sweet heart in me…


Written By: Sarah Loveland

for Emily, on her 6th birthday Sept 2005

Butterfly, where are you going
take to the sky when the wind starts blowing

Gonna lift up our wings to the air
We’re gonna fly away far from here

Butterfly why are you hiding, Don’t cry, our time is biding

Gonna hold you in my arms when you’re scared
Gonna take you through the dark till we’re there

Don’t hide yourself, If you knew the things I do
You’ll Shake off your covers and step out, tomorrow’s new
You Believe in me, and I believe in you

Butterfly, watch you growing
See all the colors wrapped in your wings

I Wonder what you see when you’re soaring through the air.
Think of what you’ll be when you made it over there.
Will you remember me when you hear the words I sing?
When this picture fades what I left behind is the most important thing When this picture fade what i left behind is the most important thing,



Written By: Sarah Loveland

The first time was so far away it doesn’t’ seem as bad now as it did that day. She was just like any other girl with an innocent smile, a stranger to the world and the way a man can be when has a certain humor you cant understand the way it is such a dirty rumor:

It’s the undertow and it’ll take you down, Make sure you take a deep breath before you come around.
t’s the undertow and sure enough its true , I’ll be seeing you there cause its coming for you

After all the years of covering the pain it doesn’t seem so bad you don’t feel the shame; its like the bruise that wont go away you don’t remember how it got there but its here to stay.

Now She sits in a chair curled up in a ball thinking " how can this be my life? like its like nothing at all, its just scratches and cuts, like falling down a hill I kept thinking there’d be something more but I guess there never will"

It’s the undertow (repeat)

The last time there was nothing more to say when she shuts a final door and finally walks away Theres nothing to take with her that doesn’t have his name so shes leaving it behind but taking all the blame

Now shes standing at the river's edge watching the water and the boats near the bridge and shes thinking of the years and all the faces and names that stand between the first time and the stories are all the same

It’s the undertow (repeat above)
it’s the undertow… careful what you say the tide is gonna turn and take us away/it’s the undertow, I’ll be seeing you around we’re in this together and no mercy to be found/ Its the undertow, make sure you understand you might slip through its fingers but I’ll catch you if it can …the undertow

Steals My Thunder

Written By: Sarah Loveland

Little bird (Steals My Thunder)

Little bird little bird what have you heard
to make your flight so hurried-
a chill of winter coming or hunger in your belly?
I’m just like you: my eyes are wide my mouth is open empty
and a song that winds a longer path than where your wings will take me

And it steals my thunder every time
searching for the meaning
I think I’ve found solid ground
But it steals my thunder…every time

Little man little man what have you planned
to dream away the sorrow
That you drank down yesterday
when you were digging for tomorrow
And I’m just like you: my hands are clean
but my fingernails are filthy
And we’re washing out into the tide
but you’re holding tightly to me

And It steals my thunder every time
I see how it’s appearing
The difference between yours and mine
It steals my thunder every time…every time

Little bird in flight take off tonight
to where your mind is going
find yourself a safe warm place
in new blood new bones and new skin
And I’m just like you I’m just like you
I am hollow and I’m empty
I’m just like you this time I find
I’m holding you inside me

It steals my thunder every time

Set List

There are about a dozen originals available; additional sets include country, Irish, blues, cover songs...Rep sheet can be found at With the Mighty Shakes, we can cover all styles of music.