Sarah Maria

Sarah Maria


We play mostly acoustic. Influences range from newer to classic rock. Sarah Kreiter is the vocalist with a powerhouse range of 5 1/2 octaves, which makes any genre a breeze for her.


Sarah is a single mother of Shawn, a crazy almost 6 year old. In Billings, she has struggled with trying to make music and entertain a dream of one day making music for a living. Often times not making ends meet. With bills piling up, an extra mouth to feed, and rent...times get really hard. Sarah has won numerous competiotions with her voice, for example was selected in high school to participate in All Northwest Honor Choir, 2006 Montana Ultimate Idol winner and, 2007 Loft Idol winner. She has performed with many bands in Billings...sort of as a guest performer. Sarah has had a dream to make her music heard ever since she can remember and is willing to do whatever it takes to reach her goal. She has been spending long hours making contact with people to get her music career started. Sarah, Chuck and Brandon played together for the first time on Friday August 29th recording the songs Sarah is submitting for this contest. Not bad for never hearing each other. What sets Sarah apart from the her spare time, she attends recovery meetings on a regular basis. She wants to make music while maintaining a healthy, sober life.....without alcohol. Sarah has faced alot truths in recent days about alcoholism and the destruction it can cause. Sarah is willing to do whatever it takes to make her sober dream...a reality.

Easy, Holding Back the Years, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Set List

Sarah is working on forming a band presently, she would like to eventually do all original music, but currently her repetoire consists of anyone ranging from Tracy Chapman, to Eva Cassidy, to the Commodores....she's up for any challenge...and loves to challenge herself with difficult songs.