Sarah McLennan

Sarah McLennan


I am a singer songwriter, passionate about music. I love creating songs with meaning. My sound is fresh and I always try to experiment with sound, adding instrumentation digitally to my piano based songs.


I am a singer songwritter, passionate about music. I love creating songs with meaning. My sound is fresh and I try to experiment with sound by adding instrumentation digitally to my piano based songs. This sets me apart from your average 'singer songwriter'.
My influences as an artist are drawn from a variety of genres including pop, folk, dance, rock.
I grew up singing in church which gave me a great foundation for my love of music. I am currently studying at the Australian Institute of music to develop more knowledge and skill for my craft.


Oh Crazy Love

Written By: Sarah McLennan


Youre a cliche, in a bouquet

A dozen roses and a sunset walk

And your eyes remind me of a "whats that line?"

A perfect blue sky!

Skies the limit with our love baby, we've got it made

my eyes for you your eyes for me

And everybody else "Can get away!"

(Pre Chorus)

Say you'll never leave, say you'll never leave me!

Maybe wait a day and see if you could stand me

You'll play hard to get, and i'll try make you jealous

You'll move a little fast or find out im crazy



The ultimate breaker and shaker and maker and changer

(And we cant get enough)


On top of the world, or wishing from the ground

You're in it, you hate it, you want it, you give it

Youre chasing it round, you're searching real hard for the right one

Oh crazy love


You break hearts, to win hearts

Tie a rope round the moon and pull it in!

"And youre just such a good chameleon!"

"wait a minute boys!" Im a one stop shop

Skies the limit with our love baby, we've got it made!

My eyes for you your eyes for me

"And her and her and her!"


ooh, I love you love you love you

Dont want you want, want you

You love me love me?

(Lets go through this one more time)


Written By: Sarah McLennan


What can you say about a girl

who with her smile could light the world

Im drawn a blank, cause all I want to say is 'I love you'.

Ive prayed for things that I could say

to make you realise the things,

about yourself, your life, that sometimes you cant see

So this is for you, so this if for you


You are so beautiful

You are so beautiful

And there are angels up in heaven calling out to you

He said, Tell her she's beautiful

Tell her shes worth it all

so she can know that I am here

with my arms wide open


There are those people in your life

that you just know radiate a light

And from those people you'll learn things

you never knew could be taught

You taught me loyalty

You taught me to be me

so I just want to give to you

the words that God has given me

So this is for you, so this is for you


Tell her she can run to me, she can run to me

Time and time again

Cause shes the world to me, she'll always be

I just want her to be free


Written By: Sarah McLennan


This day has a whole new shade

and nothing I can do can paint the sky.

If you dont mind today

I just dont feel like telling you im fine,

Cause my mind is tierd, my mind is tierd.


Theres not a single part of me

that feels any anger or hate for you.

You've only shaken me,

I still know who I am and what is true.

But the hurt rings through, and I am confused.


You took the ground that I was standing on

Im a little broken, Im a little cold

And now im clinging to my God for clarity

Help him, Help me

Its beyond me, But I stand here

I dont know why but I trust you this time


Please dont ask me just to smile

And act like you did not just break my heart

Its hard and it might get harder

But if its right then after time has past

We will be alright.

God will mend this heart.

Damn Fine

Written By: Sarah McLennan


I do not usually say this, but

You've got a face that makes a mirror fear

I'd call attention to the rest of the room but,

But they've already stopped to see what I see

(Pre Chorus)

Ive seen alot of pretty faces in my time,

But you're the sweetest by far.


You're Heavens missing angel,

Look ive found the greatest lookin' fella on the face of the earth

It should be criminal,

For you to look the way you do cause honey you are so damn fine

So damn fine


I do not usually claim this, but

If I were rating you you'd fly off the scale


So damn fine, Honey I wish you were mine so damn fine, But I know, you know you're fine.


Demo CD - Sold personally. Very Rough.