Sarah McMonagle

Sarah McMonagle


An intuitive, natural songwriter with vocal abilities that connect the stories of her songs to the soul.


You know there is something extraordinary about Sarah McMonagle from the moment you encounter her. Maybe it’s her intuitive, natural songs, or the earthy timbre in her voice which seems to stir the soul, or it may just be her warm, humble nature, whatever it is, it is certainly remarkable.
The release of her debut EP in 2007 offers a pure insight into Sarah’s musical style, which has been simply described as a fusion of Australiana country music and contemporary bluegrass music. With her engaging lyrics and alluring melodies Sarah’s recordings have been welcomed by acoustic music lovers across the globe.
With 2 successful radio singles, a Tamworth Independent Artist Recognition Award (TIARA), graduation from the CMAA College of Country Music in 2007 and twice a Toyota Star Maker Finalist in 2007 and 2008, Sarah has exceeded all expectations.
The decision to release a full album of her original music was an easy one for Sarah who plans to hit the recording studio in early 2009 to embark on what she says is sure to be an “emotional and fulfilling journey”.
With so many stories still to be told by this talented songwriter we wait in eager anticipation for the release of her album in late 2009.


2007 Self Titled EP