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Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Band Pop Rock


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"Letter from John Tory, Ontario Progressive Conservative Party"

March 8, 2005

Dear Sarah,

I am sorry I could not be there today to congratulate you in person on your generous contribution. I was touched to hear of your thoughtfulness for those affected by the terrible tragedy in South Asia last December. You are truly a remarkable young woman. It is people like you, who go above and beyond what is asked of them in order to help others, who make the world a better place.

The events that occurred in South Asia on December 26th, 2004 have had a profound effect on people all over the world. While we have seen many disasters in our lifetime, never before has this generation of Canadians seen one that has affected the ones we love so directly and on such a large scale. I have been fortunate enough to spend time at community events, telethons and fundraisers, urging people to lend their support to affected communities wherever possible. I have heard stories of unbearable loss and destruction. I have found it so heartwarming that in this time of tragedy, there are people like you Sarah, who have selflessly donated what you can to help the needs of others.

Thank you Sarah, and thanks to those who helped you to make this contribution possible. You are truly an example to people of Ontario of what one person can do to help those in need. I wish you the best of luck with your up-and-coming music career and in all your future humanitarian efforts.


John Tory
Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party


March 9, 2005

On behalf of the Government of Ontario,
I am delighted to extend warm greetings to Sarah Melody
and to everyone attending the launch of her single “Letter of Hope”
in support of the victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia.

The strength of our province comes from a willingness
to lend a helping hand to others. We are truly citizens of the
world: we hail from every part of it and are connected to every
corner of it. When the world is dealt a staggering blow, the people
of our province reach out with charity and kindness, because that
is what Ontarians do when our fellow citizens need help.

Ms. Melody, I would like to thank you for your invaluable
work in support of the relief effort for the catastrophe in South Asia.
Recording “Letter of Hope” attests to your caring nature and your commitment
to helping others — a commitment you have demonstrated many times in the past through your efforts to promote harmony and peace in our schools and
around the world. You are a role model for our youth
and an inspiration to all Ontarians.

All proceeds from “Letter of Hope” will help deliver relief
and hope to thousands of people who desperately need it through
the Canadian Red Cross Asian Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.
I congratulate Wal-Mart for being the first retailer in Canada
to sell a music video in aid of tsunami relief efforts.

Please accept my personal best wishes for an inspirational launch
and a very successful fundraising campaign.

Dalton McGuinty



Sarah Melody Reveals Two Sides Of Herself On Debut Album
Monday February 11, 2008 @ 05:30 PM
By: Staff
Sarah Melody

Sometimes it's not about who you know or the often-spoken "hustle" that everyone seemingly endures. Sometimes it's just about working hard and learning the ropes to get where one is going.
That's the path 18-year-old Sarah Melody has been following since first stepping into a recording studio four years ago. With the release of her debut disc, Side Two, Melody is starting to realize that with growth comes high expectations.
"My learning process has come through me being in the studio at a young age. I was really nervous at the time, trying to get used to it. But I've always been given creative space and I'm at the point where I'm very particular with my music."
Side Two, sold exclusively via her website, is an 11-track effort with a mix of urban beats and rock hooks. Melody says she's moving away from pop and trying to develop a new urban-rock sound. Lead single "Stand Back," featuring Snow, reflects her foray into the genre. She even covers Led Zeppelin's "D'yer Mak'er" on the album.
"I'm discovering my rock voice now," Melody says. "I'm a huge Zeppelin fan, and I thought that was such a different song for Zeppelin. I started getting familiar with the song and I finally said, ‘We have to get this on the album.'"
Covers aside, Melody mixed up her beats by enlisting the help of a range of producers, including Marcus Kane (Esthero, Maestro), Boomtang of Boomtang Boys fame, Luke McMaster of former Canadian pop act McMaster And James, and the Perry Alexander team of Chris Perry and Adam Alexander (Shawn Desman, Kalan Porter).
"They're great to work with," Melody says of her production collaborators. "Each one has become a special part of my project.
"At first, working with top producers like Chris Perry was a bit nerve-racking. But I just realized they're great, down-to-earth guys."
Despite being so involved in her music, Melody has another passion that takes up a lot of her time. Humanitarian work has played a big role in her life. As national spokesperson for Youth For Human Rights Canada, Melody hosts and speaks at social engagements and uses her music as a tool for healing and empowerment.
"I actually started in the music industry through my charity work, and that's always been a priority first," she explains. "My initiative in my music is to focus on community and develop a fan base through the community."
The catalyst for Melody's foray into charity work was the 2004 tsunami that hit southeast Asia. "Seeing it on the news, it was just so unreal to me," says Melody, whose humanitarian efforts earned her a meeting with former prime minister Paul Martin.
Melody has been invited to speak as a "millennial representative" on Canadian Music Week's March 5 "reality check panel," where she'll also premiere the video for "Stand Back."
It appears that Side Two isn't just the name of her album, but the dual personality Melody holds: the pop singer who has grown up in the studio; and the humanitarian who tries to marry her music with her charity work for the greater good. Whether it's one side or many, the essence of Melody is to merely work hard.
"I'm very goal-driven," says the student of Toronto's Harris Institute For The Arts. "I'm focusing more on being an entrepreneur, taking risks not everyone chooses to take, and taking the time to work hard at my craft."
—Antoinette Mercurio

For Online Access: - Antoinette Mercurio

"Sarah Melody Shows Her Musical"

Sarah Melody Shows Her Musical
And Humanitarian Sides
By Steve McLean

Sarah Melody's talent, ambition and humanity make her special. The fact that she's still only 18 makes her truly exceptional.

Melody grew up in Barrie, Ont. and now lives in Toronto, where she attends the Harris Institute For The Arts. But she's not your average student. Melody recently self-released her first album, Side Two. She also supports a number of charitable causes and campaigns for human rights.

"I've always been involved in volunteering and being active in my community, so my charity work allowed me to do my music," she says while explaining how she started down this road. "'Song Of Peace' was written after the 9/11 attacks in New York."

"I was pretty young and even though I was a smalltown girl in Barrie, I saw this on the news and I was so shocked that we were basically experiencing a war. That inspired me to write an uplifting song about what I felt from it. I've been using it in connection with anti-bullying programs in schools."

This led to what Melody says was a surprise appointment as the national spokesperson for Youth For Human Rights Canada.

"I didn't know my rights at the time they chose me to be the spokesperson, but since I was so involved with so many other organizations, they thought that I could be a great advocate to help them out. Now my task is to visit schools across Canada and educate the youth on their rights. We also do an annual event in December where we celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I perform and speak."

"I went to the United Nations in 2006 to represent Canada. That was a great experience walking into that building. I'm so passionate about trying to help the youth and being involved in other charities."

Musically, Melody has worked with a number of top producers, including Marcus Kane (Esthero, Maestro), Boomtang Boys, Luke McMaster (McMaster And James) and the Perry Alexander team of Chris Perry and Adam Alexander (Shawn Desman, Kalan Porter).

"I'm really into exploring different genres," she explains. "Right now, my music is actually what I call urban rock. It has my R&B vocals, but my rock band to back me up.

Melody calls herself "a huge Led Zeppelin fan," and she covers the band's reggae-based "D'yer Maker" on Side Two. While her version started off as a rock song, Boomtang Boys took it in a more dance-oriented direction, which she was fine with as it led to more of the musical diversification she's after.

Melody just re-recorded "Stand Back" and released a video for the single. The song features Canadian reggae/hip-hop/pop star Snow (who's best known for his hit "Informer"), who asked to be on the track when he heard it via Kane.

"I've had a lot of compliments from a male audience that they liked that song," says Melody. "Even my 15-year-old brother would put that song on repeat, and before he didn't like my music. That was a sign to me that this song is a lot different and can appeal to a different audience."

While Melody wants to increase her fan base, she'd prefer to do it on her own terms. "I'm taking recording arts management and learning the business end of it all," she says of her enrollment at Harris.

"I educate myself constantly on how the industry is changing. I've just been learning that there are different types of deals, and right now I'm more interested in licensing my pre-existing songs to television or movies or whatever. I think that would help a lot in boosting my career. Doing everything yourself is a harder route, but I'm really enjoying learning how to do it myself."

Side Two can be purchased through Melody's web site , while you can hear and see more of her music on her MySpace page

Music now avilable on iTunes! - Widex Connect Online-

"Barrie singer expands career"

May 15th, 2008:
Barrie singer/songwriter Sarah Melody, 18, has just had the single from her latest CD, Side Two, added to the Much Music lineup.

The video was produced by Marc Andre Debruyne, who has produced music videos for Jully Black, Suzie McNeil, and Mellissa O’Neil.

Currently completing her year at the Harris Institute, a global leader in music industry education, Melody has been steadily advancing her career while in Toronto. Earlier this year, she released Side Two, which featured Snow, the award-winning reggae musician from Toronto, best known for his 1993 hit, Informer.

Melody is currently competing for the $25,000 recording prize, which is in search of the best unsigned artist in Canada. The prize features a CD release through Fontana North, Universal Music Canada and HMV.

She is currently sitting at seventh place in the contest. Fans can listen to Melody’s single, Stand Back, and vote, at the link provided.

For more information on Melody’s music and upcoming concerts, click her link.

- Barrie Advance

"Honey Jam-Sarah Melody"

Her last name says it all! There’s no doubt that this pop rocker is full of great melody and rhythm.
By Carina Oliveira

Sarah was born in Barrie, Ontario and has managed to achieve much in her 17 years. Her parents had her singing even before she could talk. “I was about 3, and we were watching Wayne’s World and I stood up and started to sing ‘why do you wanna break my heart’,” she says with a laugh. Not only can she be a loud and proud rocker to her hit “I Wanna,” but she can also portray the softer R&B side in her single “Immature.” It doesn’t matter what she sings, Sarah excels in all.
And her talents don’t stop in the recording studio! She is a human rights activist and spokesperson of the Youth for Human Rights. Sarah is even known in politics. She met the Primer Minister Paul Martin after he invited her to attend a World Youth Summit in New York City and has received a letter of appreciation from Dalton McGuinty. She also arranged the 5 km Run for Youth in Toronto and made the single “Letter of Hope” for the Tsunami victims in Asia. Clearly, Sarah’s a superstar role model that young Canadians can look up to and appreciate.
Truly Sarah has the package for music, personality and diversity throughout her urban, punk or pop soul.

Visit her website at where you can check out all of her past experiences and press updates.
- Verve Girl Online

"Winning Brands Appoints Youth Ambassador; First Stop United Nations"

Winning Brands Appoints Youth Ambassador; First Stop United Nations
Sara Melody Reaches out to Young People at Summit on Human Rights

(August 27, 2009) Barrie, Ontario, Canada - Winning Brands Corporation (Pink Sheets: WNBD) (Frankfurt: WMU.F) manufacturer of eco-responsible cleaning sensation Winning Colours Stain Remover has expanded its corps of Ambassadors with the appointment of emerging young singer/song writer, Sarah Melody, to be its Winning Brands Youth Ambassador. Ms. Melody's appointment coincides with her arrival in Geneva, Switzerland this week as a national representative to the 6th Annual Human Rights Summit at Geneva's United Nations facilities.

Winning Brands has been preparing itself for European operations recently, in the form of market tests of its Winning Colours Stain Remover (known as 1000+ in non-English speaking markets). It is targeting regular commercial sales there of its stain remover/multi-cleaner in 2010. The sponsorship of Sarah Melody's work in Geneva in connection with the human rights summit represents a commitment by Winning Brands to combine business with socially progressive involvement in causes for a better world. “There will be young people in attendance from nations as diverse as Japan, USA, South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy and beyond. If we will be doing business in these countries then it is desirable to build bridges of various kinds with forward looking young people and non-governmental organizations. We are proud of Sarah and are investing in her professional growth. She will no doubt be increasingly applying her leadership skills to various outreach initiatives that Winning Brands is currently developing in music, social media, and environmental progress to name only three.” remarks Winning Brands CEO, Eric Lehner.

“I'm so fortunate to have this kind of opportunity, thanks to my new supporter Winning Brands,” said Ms. Melody, in her MySpace blog. You can follow her journey to Switzerland through Twitter at The summit brings international youth together to share, encourage and inspire global peace and tolerance. The conference will focus on human rights education and will take place in Geneva this August 28th to 30th, 2009.

ABOUT WINNING BRANDS CORPORATION: Winning Brands Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of eco-responsible cleaning solutions including its lead brand, Winning Colours Stain Remover, which is being targeted to become the world's favourite stain removing solution for its skin-friendliness, ease of use and versatility. The number of Winning Colours stain removing testimonials on social media continues to grow, such as Additional brands include KIND Laundry Products, CLEAN1 All Purpose, SMART Wet Cleaning Solutions and TrackMoist Dust Suppressant. -


Radio Singles:
"Easy Come, Easy Go" 2004 went to #8 on the Fanshaw College network
"Song of Peace" 2004
"Love Is" 2005
"Letter of Hope" 2005 sold 4500 units
"I Wanna Uh Uh" 2006
"Hooked" 2007
"Stand Back featuring SNOW" 2007"
"Yearbook" 2009 currently in rotation



Sarah Melody is a rising Pop/Urban-Rock performer and songwriter on the Canadian music scene. She may not be one of those POP stars looking for the life of paparazzi, but she is a cultural rebel WITH a cause. Now 20, she’s been in artist development since age 14 and has become a seasoned songwriter, live performer, and public speaker to students on topics that include anti-bullying, basic human rights, and the environment.

Sarah’s personal quest is to represent girls of all ages across the globe whose beauty is measured from the heart, mind and soul and not their waist size. “The “skinny sensation” is destroying young woman and men everywhere and POP CULTURE has a lot to do with that”. “When did it become ok for guys to call their girlfriends “bitches”?

Going against the grain of what used to work for the recording industry, Sarah believes that it’s time for a “revolution” in the way society and media think. She admits she lost opportunity with labels who wanted more skin and fewer pounds, and questions how that would make her original.

Mentored by some of Canada’s top writers and producers, her material has caught the attention of industry south of the border and internationally. The video to her latest single “Yearbook” is now circulating on You Tube (Nov 09) and in early 2010, TAP THIS by Sarah Melody iPhone application will be released and is expected to create some drama having 8 special communication buttons designed for Generation Y.

"Sarah Melody is a dynamic young vocalist, with a soulful voice well beyond her years. She has a very unique tone and she has the natural ability to set that tone to many different styles and moods of music. Sarah has a keen interest in all aspects of her career, and in the studio she takes a very active role. Unlike so many other young pop singers, Sarah really wants to understand and be a part of the creative and technical aspects of music production."
-- Chris Perry, award-winning music producer (Perry Alexander)

Her debut music video "Stand Back" featuring Snow is in rotation on Canada's Much Music and can be seen on her You Tube channel.

While she is inspired by all forms of music, Melody cites R&B superstar Alicia Keys as her main musical influence, not only due to Keys' immense musical talent, but also because of her strong commitment to charity work. Making a difference is important to Melody, and she incorporates community involvement into her artistic endeavours.