Sarah Micol

Sarah Micol


Sarah Micol is a young singer/songwriter from Italy who has just realesed a self-financed album debut.


Sarah Micol started playing drums when she was 4. At the age of 6 she started studying piano, but she only began performing onstage when she was 18.
In 1998 she won the Ivan Graziani award, a national singing contest.
in 2002 she worked for a tv program called Chiambretti c'รจ, broadcast con the national network.
She worked for many years with Gnometto Band and Guido Guglielminetti, a famous italian producer. In 2003 she attended the Berklee clinics during Umbria Jazz and she was chosen to perform onstage with her professors. Since 2003 she has been writing and recording her songs on her own.


Untitled Book

Written By: Sarah Panico

The salt air all around
The summer breeze
Are whispering me
So gently
I 'm skimming stones
they are diving down
the water 'll swallow them all
I'm turning all these pages
Of this book
I'm reading all my days
in this book
The passing days
Marked by the routine
I need to go for a stroll
To the sea
The rays in the sky
Of red and gold
Are showing me the way
Over the clouds
I'm playing a song
Of this book
I'm writing words
in this book


2005: Untitled Book

Set List

Roland digital piano HP-2e
Roland expander JV2080
Boss Dr.Rhythm DR-770
Microphone Shure Beta 58A