Sarah Ndagire

Sarah Ndagire

 Guildford, England, GBR

African music which knows no boarders and won't leave the audience down as I take them on a journey across Africa.


Born in Uganda (East Africa), Sarah Ndagire, currently based in the UK, is a singer-songwriter who travels  around the world sharing the culture of her homeland, 'the pearl of Africa.' Watching and listening the energetic Sarah Ndagire perform is like taking the most relaxing trip across Africa without a visa. She brings out the true soul of an African, the Joy, Sorrow, pain, determination, intelligence and perseverance. She has built an impressive repertoire made up of the most rare, unique and varied Ugandan rhythms and instruments that hitherto were played in isolation by different tribal musicians.

"Her music which combines Western influences with those of her homeland has won her a loyal audience abroad, Alice Muthengi," BBC network Africa. Following in the footsteps of internationally famous artists such as Miriam Makeba, Angelique Kidjo and Mory KantĂŠ she continues collaborate with musicians from around the world, combining the Ugandan folk music styles with different musical styles of the world and the result has been an interesting contemporary world sound.

Numerous airplays, TV appearances, CD recordings and an impressive live career make her one of the most active and sought after female artist from Uganda today. She has performed and given workshops in different venues, festivals and schools such as Kasumama in Austria, Freudenstadt Africa festival, Forchheim Africa festival in Germany and London Africa festival at southbank London, Sullivan high school, Chicago Illinois, Chogm in Trinidad and Tobago.

On the other hand, Ndagire has for a long time had a heart for and supported Older persons and the orphans and vulnerable children they live with. (

She is available as an acoustic and as an Afro-beat fusion band for smaller venues, festivals and large concerts.

For bookings and inquiries contact;,
Sarah UK: +44 (0)7462548526



Written By: sarah Ndagire

Verse 1
All my life, I have wanted to sing
and to be a singing traveller ahh
To every city, I will go,
Every village, I willreach,
The drum must pound and I will sing
Abakisimba- uhm
Bebakiwomya- ohh
They must must hear the rhythm my people have sung to, are singing and will sing to oh o o
Nze nsaba Katonda akimpe
Amazima you must must hear the rhythm my people have sung to, are singing and will sing to oh o o
Nze nsaba Katonda akimpe


I am a train - my people's train
Full of songs - My people sing
Full of rhythm - My people play x 2

Train Song - my people's train
Song Rhythm - my people play x 2

Reapeat verse 1


Tobamunange nnyo gano mbadde ngakuwa
Tobamunange nnyini gano mbadde ngakuwa


Written By: Sarah Ndagire

1. Kunsiko Yaffe

Kunsiko Yaffe e e Kuliko nabantenta a a a / 2x
Ngambye kuliko – Kiliko Nabantenta / 4x (or as many as I feel)

Ngamba asulo’bulungi tamanya- Tamanya’sula bubi /x2
Kumbe’njala lukunyenya - nga yatuzinda
Olumbe luse banafe – nelutulekero’kulila /x2
Tulinye mu ggulu tuluwone – ebiliyo binatumala
Ebinyonyi ebyo kunyanja – bisula bisindogoma
Bileke bisindogome – nenkya binagenda
Olumbe luse banaffe – nelutulekero’kulila/ x 2
Bansanga ayokya gonja – asigale’nkoto gwebalya
Bo’bugoma basanga bulege – obwa namasole elukili
Banantawongerwa katono – bagala’kangi
Ka ka ka ka lyali ka – batuyengere’ddagala ka / 4x

Kunsiko Yaffe e e Kuliko nabantenta a a a / 2x
Ngambye kuliko – Kiliko Nabantenta / 4x

Effume lyo muyizi bantu bange - libe kumugongo
Nembwa zo muyizi, bantu bange – nazo kulusegere


Written By: Sarah Ndagire


/Mubamu lwembawo ngandowoza nti omunaku nga nze silikabilwa - Aaaa balikaba nebwolibo’genze balikaba
Mubamu lwembawo ngandowoza nti nenkeera nengenda sikabilwa - Aaaa bakaaba nokeera nogenda balikaba/ 2x

Repeat verse

Abange agalifa – ohh
Nze ndabye agalifa oh oh
Tata, mama, abantu bange ooh oh
Abange agalifa – ohh
Nze ndabye agalifa oh oh
nendeka ensi eno, nsi eno, eno iiii

Agalifa, agalifa, agalifa - oh agalifa/ x4
Paka chini, paka chini - chini ........


Written By: Sarah Ndagire

Uhmmm ei yewe a boojo ndatoma guraha omunsi munu mbonaboine

Baitu okandekera oha Mpara iwe musaija wange
Taata orufu tirumanya, amasoga nigandya
Nindira x3 Aboruganda banjumire, bateire, banyereze
Ngu ngende owaitu hari abange boona bafiire
iii Taata ntamuroole boojo akandeko’munda
maama yankuza kandi nawe ogwo karukarya
Uhmmm ei yewe a boojo ndatoma guraha omunsi munu mbonaboine
Eee guma reeko’takigamba obufuzi, obufakaati bujune ebisonda Amooti humura

Tukagugure’kibanja babili, twalima twagure’bintu ebintu
aboruganda nibaija bukeire ngu mbohe ebyange
Nindira x3 …………

Eyeeieeea eiieewe
Obaireki – omutima guremeire

Village woman

Written By: Sarah Ndagire

1. Village woman

Standing with a hoe in her hands, a sleeping baby tied to her back
A head scuff of faded cloth ties back, her dusty and uncombed hair
Her hands and feet are leathered constant work
She stops to work for a little while,
Infront of her lies the field, stretching away, to touch the sky,
She hasn’t sone much yet the rains are due
Oh and then, it’s almost time for lunch,
She has not yet got the firewood and must now run home to cook for the family,
passing by the well,
That’s the woman, in the village, in Africa

May God have mercy, on the woman, in the village, in Africa


Written By: Sarah Ndagire

1. Nyamijumbi
Nyamijumbi - tompa akaba
Akataba - ka rukorela
Rukolela - agonza abarungi
Abarungi - alifa atababoine

Akatutu - kachumita kakyali kato
Kaleke - Kaboine munywani wako
Obukakura - Kachumita nekaganyira mpigiza

Ai akantu kanchwo’mugongo x2


2006 - Katitira
2008 - Train
2012 - A taste of Uganda

2015 - Sim Sim

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Set List

Her performance is an intimate and informative show, perfect for small venues, museums, schools, cultural centers as well as festivals. Her performances last anywhere betwen 15mins and 3 hours.

Sarah Ndagire has taught workshops on African music while showcasing African culture, dance and instruments across Europe and in the US.

Her workshops aim at:

-Encouraging individual expression, imagination and creativity through arts activities.
-Providing the opportunity to access an exciting new cultural experience
-Enhancing listening and concentration skills

They include; African Dancing, Drumming and Singing