Sarah Nisch

Sarah Nisch

 New York City, New York, USA

Sarah Nisch is a small town girl-next-door with big dreams and an even bigger heart! She sings soulful folk/pop around NYC with hopes of making people feel something genuine and deep-one hour at a time. Her live show is packed with bittersweet love songs and lots of fun for all!! Not to be missed!


Sarah was born in St. Louis, MO and flew to the top of her third grade music class. She played any instrument she could get her hands on-the auto-harp, recorder, Ago-go-you name it-and singing all the while. It wasn't until she got her hands on a piano in middle school that was she really able to express herself musically. She taught herself every song on Jewel's Pieces of You album by ear and even won a talent show playing Foolish Games at a local college. She started performing musical theatre in high shool, which she went on to study in college. At school she finally picked up an old guitar and the rest is history. A weekly gig at a coffee shop fine-tuned her live show skills and after studying in London for a semester realized that city life was the only life to live. She's been living and performing in NYC for 5 years and is finally recording her first legit EP out in Septermber 2011. Come check out a live show!!!


Self -released EP entitled, Dreaming of Grandeur.