Sarah Perrotta

Sarah Perrotta


Piano based rock. Lyrical, emotional, experimental and engaging.


Indie rocker Sarah Perrotta and her band are from New York's Hudson Valley. The band includes singer, songwriter and pianist Sarah Perrotta, guitarist Chris Lane`, drummer Johnny Watson and bassist Jon Stern.

Perrotta's 2008 self-released album "The Well" includes legendary bassist Tony Levin (of Peter Gabriel, King Crimson) on all eleven songs and keyboard virtuoso Garth Hudson (of The Band, Bob Dylan) on accordion for two songs. "The Well" was mixed by grammy award winning producer Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois).

While compared to artists like Jeff Buckley, Kate Bush and Tori Amos, it is clear that Sarah has managed to develop her own personal style which combines elements of pop, rock, folk and jazz with a slight touch of the avant garde.

Perrotta has garnered critical acclaim for "The Well" including steady radio airplay from trendsetting DJ Nic Harcourt on KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" show.

Perrotta has toured nationally and internationally with major acts such as Barenaked Ladies, Guster, Jason Collett, Sarah Harmer, Gaelic Storm, Kevin Hearn and Garth Hudson.

"The Well is a ghostly affair filled with elegant female persuasion and sultry grace. Perrotta's songwriting abilities are top notch" - Daniel Alleva, Charged by the System

"The Well is undeniably an excellent album which displays the talent and potential of a very gifted artist. If you like great music with a soul, you'll love this" -Riff Raff Magazine, Brussels

"There's a level of sophistication that you don't always get with singer-songwriters. I think her arrangements are brilliant." - Paul Higgins, WKZE FM Radio

"I could tell right away that she's good. It was musically a treat and personally a treat" -Tony Levin

"This is the stuff of dreams, but like the real thing it's never frivolous or boring. Dreams always leave us aroused by their strangeness, depth and beauty, and that's what Perrotta will be known for." - Sharon Nichols, Chronogram Magazine


Midnight Lullaby

Written By: Sarah Perrotta

The sound of a song in the middle of the night, to cool the fire and quiet the fight. When your head is full of battles to untie, I'll sing a midnight lullaby.

All the king's horses and all the king's men, they couldn't clear the world of sin. Another generation is coming in. Oh father, oh mother, can I undo what has been done?

Can we put it back together? I'm gonna try to make it better, cause I can't wait for heaven to come when I die, I've got to find heaven while I'm alive.

Under the ground, miles down, the earth is hot and hard and round, and it's still untouched by any man, but how much more can it withstand? Out in the ocean, and the galaxy, they're making new discoveries and there's no limit to what we don't know and there's only so far we can go.

But can we put it back together, I want to try to make it better, cause I can't wait for heaven to come when I die. I've got to find heaven, while I'm alive.


Outloud Dreamer - drink the sky (2000)
Sarah Perrotta - the well (2008)

Set List

Usually about 15 songs for an hour set. We rarely play covers but have been known to throw one or two unexpected jazz standards, traditional folk songs or obscure rock anthems into our set.

current set list:

out of grace
before the fall
make me real
the storm
into bloom
midnight lullaby
carry you home
constant flux
release me
giving in
little bird