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"Sarah Pray"

This singer/songwriter originally from Madison Wisconsin has very quietly deveolped a large following of fans and friends. Traveling all over the United States and then her first European tour the winter of 2009-2010 always playing her original songs for all who will give her a listen. It may be Sarah solo or with her full band, either way the performance will always be the same....excellent.
Sarah Pray has just released her new CD - "Empty Words" which has proven to be a wonderful demonstration of the diversity of sound alongside her mellow reaching songs. - Twins Cities Radio

"Pray-er is answered for Twin Cities by a new talent"

Since her debut EP release in 2007 singer and guitarist/pianist Sarah Pray has taken the Twin Cities music scene by storm. After her arrival from Madison, Wis. Pray has shared the stage with the Felice Brothers, Michelle Malone, Sebastien Grainger, Haley Bonar, Jim Lauderdale, Dent May and many other great acts as well as held a 6 month residency at the 400 Bar. Already she has toured extensively in the Midwest and East Coast, and receives airplay on college radio stations across the country

Up-and-coming blues guitarist Brandon Scott Sellner introduced Pray to the thriving downtown music scene in a river city -- Hudson, Wis. Pray recently played a well-received gig at a club called simply Twisted, which is known for hosting Tommy Tutone and other musical luminaries.

Pray says her style is a combination, a little folk with some blues notes and alternative stylings mixed in. She sounds like Fiona Apple, or when she goes electric on her CDs, like Portishead. One the acoustic side, there have been comparisons to Regina Spektor.
- Hudson (Wis.) Star Observer

"Sarah Pray auf Deutschland-Tournee"

„ If passion has a voice, it's Sarah Pray.“ resümiert die amerikanische Radio Station KVIK-FM 104.7 nach einem Konzert von Sarah Pray mit ihrer Band. Und dem ist eigentlich nichts hinzuzufügen. Doch wer ist eigentlich Sarah Pray?

Sarah Pray ist in Madison, Wisconsin, geboren und aufgewachsen und hat schon im ersten Jahr ihrer Musikkarriere eine Vielzahl von außergewöhnlich guten Kritiken nach ihrer ersten Tour in den USA erhalten. Einige Zeit später, im Jahre 2007, ist Sarah Pray von Madison nach Minneapolis in Minnesota gezogen da es dort seit Jahrzehnten eine lebendige Singer / Songwriter und Folk Szene gibt. Dort hat sie zunächst angefangen durch Clubs zu tingeln, hat mit einem Coverprogramm mit Hits von Linda Ronstadt auf sich aufmerksam gemacht. Aber noch im gleichen Jahr hat sie sich auf einer mehrmonatigen US Tournee durch den mittleren Westen auf ihre eigenen Stärken besonnen und nur noch eigene Songs auf der Bühne, zumeist begleitet von ihrem Percussionisten Adam Schmid, präsentiert. In den folgenden beiden Jahren hat sich Sarah Pray monatelang auf der Strasse befunden und in echter Knochenarbeit die gesamte USA bereist um jetzt nach fast zwei Jahren auf Tour ihren Fuß nach Europa zu setzen.

Was zeichnet Sarah Pray aus? Da ist an erster Stelle ihre Qualität als Songwriterin zu nennen. Ihre Songs sind inspiriert von Künstlern wie PJ Harvey, Emmylou Harris oder Fiona Apple und zeichnen sich durch einfühlsame Melodien und durch eigene Erfahrungen geprägte Texte aus. Dargeboten mit einer Stimme, die prädestiniert dafür ist, Ihre Gefühle mit den Zuhören zu teilen. Der Atlantic Music Guide hat ihre Stimme so beschrieben: „Her lungs are large and her voice is full of power and passion, but also beauty.“

Jetzt holt Stevja Promotions Sarah Pray zum ersten mal nach Deutschland. Im Oktober wird sie mit ihrem Percussionisten einige Auftritte in Deutschland bestreiten, gemeinsam mit Lisa-Marie Fischer. Beide werden sowohl alleine als auch gemeinsam auf der Bühne stehen. Die genauen Tourdaten werden demnächst hier veröffentlicht.
- Stevja Promotions

"Sarah Pray at Bohemia Cafe, Granada"

Just a normal winter day here in Granada checking my email inbox and here pops up a message. Its from a singer songwriter from Minneapolis who is traveling around Europe and wants to record with us. Her name is Sarah Pray. I check out her links and her stuff sounds great so I tell her that if she is swinging by Granada lets go for it.

The problem being January and needing a piano, well that limits us to being able to record outdoors. So I remember the Bohemia Cafe downtown has a piano and has a good vibe. The owner digs the idea and offers the space for a morning.

We head on down there, meet Sarah for the first time in Plaza Trinidad with all our gear. We all move to the Bohemia and set up shop. After the usual tinkering to get set up, we end up having a really nice morning with Sarah performing a few tracks for us to be able to put here on the site.

Afterwards we spent the rest of the beautiful sunny day strolling around the Sacromonte looking at the caves and talking about her coming back and doing a full on recording in one of the caves and out in the mountains. There is now talk of her coming back to Europe this autumn so hopefully this idea will materialize and what you hear here is just a taster of whats to come!!

Thanks Sarah for a great day and thanks to the Bohemia for letting us record there.
- Wapapura Sustainable Sounds

"Sarah Pray - Empty Words"

Minneapolis singer/songwriter Sarah Pray’s debut EP, “Empty Words” is impressive testimony to the emotional sound print of both her vocal and writing styles. Pursuing her passion for making audiences experience a deep emotional connection to her songs, Pray’s music possesses an intimacy and intensity reminiscent of Fiona Apple and Cat Power as well as the depth and capacity that can also swoon to the sultry side. A truly rewarding fusion of both tender vulnerability and assertive fire punctuates Pray’s music. This is the promise of talent well on its way. - Red Pill Entertainment

"Interview with Sarah Pray"

“If passion has a voice, it’s Sarah Pray. Solid songs sung with commitment. Every sultry note is sculpted and fashioned to pierce the soul… simply masterful.” Cori Waters, Local Lixx – KVIK-FM 104.7, Decorah, Iowa - KVIK - FM 104.7

"Sarah Pray Plays Two Shows in ATL"

They're everywhere. Those people who like to say, "I saw REM in a small club before Chronic Town, before they even had a record contract." Music fandom is sometimes a competitive sport. It's important to be the first to notice somebody, to say that you saw someone before anyone else even knew that person existed.

Atlantans are going to have a chance to play that role this week when Sarah Pray comes to town for the first time to play Kavarna and Smith's Olde Bar. Although she hails in Minnesota, Pray is a throwback to two of the better female vocalists to come out of Atlanta; Kelly Hogan and Jennifer Nettles. Her lungs are large and her voice is full of power and passion, but also beauty. She can get bluesy and funky like Nettles could before she went country with Sugarland, and she can also throw some twang on a torch song, a la Hogan, as she does on the wonderful "Still Here," which will be included on her Empty Words album, due out in early 2010.

That's right, folks, in about 15 years you'll be able to say that you saw her before her first CD came out. You won't regret it.

Sarah Pray plays Kavarna on Thursday, September 24, 8 pm. Free. And Smith's Olde Bar on Sunday, September 27, 8 pm. $5. - Atlanta Music Guide

"Show preview: Sarah Pray at Underground Lounge, 12/10"

Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter Sarah Pray is coming to Chicago for a set at Underground Lounge on Thursday, December 10 (8 p.m., 952 W Newport Ave.), and we recently caught up with her for a Q&A to preview the show.

Pray has been touring extensively and getting ready to release an album, Empty Words, in the coming months. The tracks up for preview are diverse in style - from alt-rock ("Thank God") to nostalgic 50s-styled doo-wop ("Still Here") to acoustic folk ("One Night Stand") - but the one constant is her passionate, soaring voice. Her singing grabs hold right away and allows her material to fully shine. With a songwriting ability and delivery that are both genuinely impressive, Pray's live show should be well worth checking out.

LISTEN: Sarah Pray - "Thank God"

Q&A with Sarah Pray

WCR: First off, tell us a bit about your history as a musician. How and when did you start writing and performing?

SP: Actually my dad taught me piano out of the womb and that's where I learned the basics and a love for music. I never considered writing my own songs until about four years ago when I starting playing the guitar. I don't know why exactly, but the unfamiliarity of strings against my fingers made me want to unbottle feelings. Though, lately I've been writing more and more on the piano. My earliest shows were at various bars around the Twin Cities. The 400 Bar in Minneapolis is where I gained the most experience and confidence in performing.

You're currently working on an album, Empty Words, for release in 2010 to follow-up your debut EP. Tell us about the recording process so far and what we can expect to hear in the material.

Yeah, I've been recording with a great producer, Bill Maynard, at Paradyme Productions in Madison, WI. The process has been pretty organic and exciting, I think because of our openness to try anything and let the song take its proper course. For example "Still Here," which I wrote while working at a nursing home and from the perspective of some of the folks there missing their spouses, became a song straight out of the 50s. We degraded the sound quality, added record hiss and a horn section. I might add a spoken word section too if I can pull off that sexy voice thing girl groups had back in the day. But some of the songs we're recording are more alt-country and even a little R&B, so I intend the record to be diverse as possible.

Of all the songs you've done so far, which is is your favorite - or at least the one you'd like people to hear the most - and why?

I have several songs that I can't wait to record, but so far I'm most proud of "Thank God." The first line is "paid my rent last time," which is what I did at the beginning of this year. I decided to move in with a friend and quit my jail-like job so I could afford touring and playing music full time. I remember writing the lyrics on a napkin during my work break a few months before I quit. I think the song really motivated me to actually do what I was daydreaming about at work and I hope the song captures some of the frustration on behalf of so many people I know who feel trapped in their lives, whether it be a job they can't quit or a dream they can't pursue. It also features this dude named God, and he told me you should all listen to the song.

In terms of influences who do you think people would most likely be able to hear in your music, and also who might they be surprised to learn has been an inspiration?

I like the bitchiness of Fiona Apple and PJ Harvey, the prettiness and mellowness of Sarah McLachlan and Patty Griffin. What else...actually, I was Linda in a Linda Ronstadt tribute band for a while so I really appreciate the strength and power behind her voice and the 60s and 70s rock genres that she was a part of.

You were last in Chicago in October for a show with Jim Lauderdale at Uncommon Ground. How did that go?

Great. Jim is an amazing songwriter and has written songs for the Dixie Chicks, Patty Loveless and many great female artists. He played a song called "Why Do I Love You" that night that made me cry just a little bit. The song is no longer in circulation so I think it would be cool to revive it and possibility include it on my album. Jim gave me the OK so we'll see! I like the idea of songs having a life of their own, starting in their creator and then passing through each generation, crossing genres, and hopefully living on forever.

You're getting set to return to Chicago soon for a December 10 show at Underground Lounge. What about Chicago and its music scene stands out to you or differs from Minneapolis and other cities you've played?

I grew up in Madison, WI, so Chicago was my first big city experience. I've always been intimidated by it ever since I got dropped off in downtown Chicago for a middle school band trip and didn't know what to do for the day. I think I'm still recovering from the traumatic experience, but I will say I've met some great Chicago bands and visual artists through playing festivals around Wicker Park and Lincoln Park. The music scene here feels similar to that of Minneapolis and many cities of its size in that it's pretty eclectic and always changing.

It's obvious you put a lot of effort into performing in various states and cities outside of where you're based, with a list of past shows that spans everywhere from LA to Atlanta to New York. Why is it important for you to get out on the road and how do you think it's impacted your time as a musician so far?

Yeah, traveling is what makes me happy. Even though it makes me lonely and smelly at times, it feels like living in the moment. For me that directly translates to better songwriting and better performing. It allows me to stumble upon and reach out to inspiring people and inspiring music. It also allows me to play and write songs every day because I don't have anywhere else to be but on the road. Also, the driving really calms me down and gives me space to think, which I sometimes forget to do!

Where has been your favorite place to play a show?

Probably at the Basement in Nashville. It's a venue in the basement of a record store called Grimey's and very cool indeed. I'm not even that into country music, but I've never been so blown away by the talent while walking up and down Broadway Street. I would definitely consider moving there for a while just to be around that environment.

Apart from the release of your album, what can we expect from you in the coming months? Are there any additional projects or live dates in the works?

Well, actually I'll be on my first European tour December through February. Hopefully I'll be technologically savvy enough to update MySpace with pictures and videos. I must say I'm a little nervous about the whole thing, but obviously excited. I'll be playing a bunch of shows in Germany, but hitting most countries in Western Europe. When I get back the plan is to finish recording the album.

Where can people go to find out more about you and your music? is the most updated source for shows, new music and news about the album release. I love to make Twitter friends with people, too ( Facebook is just as addictive at www.facebook/sarahpraymusic. I'll have some songs available on iTunes by the new year, too! - Windy City Rock


self-titled EP (2007), Empty Words (2009). Groovy Girls Soundtrack co-writer and singer, KFAI 90.3, KUMD, WIDR, Cities 97, KVIK, WORT 89.9, WSUM, KSTO, WNRC, WHCS, WMOT-FM, WCHE1520, KAXE. WRUW, many more



Madison Wisconsin native Sarah Pray has achieved enviable and impressive touring credentials for an artist in the very first years of a music career. Moving to Minneapolis in 2007 in hopes of taking part in the cities thriving music scene, Sarah began performing and honing her skills with several residencies at the historic 400 Bar. Sarah’s commanding vocal power and heartfelt lyrics won over both fans and friends in the business and allowed her to move quickly into regional touring throughout the Midwest. Since 2008, Sarah’s ambitious touring schedule has included shows on the East Coast, in such well known venues as the Bitter End and The Living Room in New York City and the Basement in Nashville, as well as a leg of European touring in 2010.

Passionately pulled in the direction of making music the focus of her life, Sarah became an intern at Paradyme Productions, a recording studio in Madison WI, during a hiatus from college in 2006. Originally hired as a graphic artist, her interest soon shifted to the recording process, and she was given the opportunity to record five songs in exchange for her work. Sarah recalls, “That was it. From there, I was addicted to making music. I just wanted to do more recording and performing

Inspired by some of her favorite artists including Fiona Apple, Damien Rice, PJ Harvey and Emmylou Harris, Pray’s greatest desire is to share emotional common ground with audiences just as these artists have shared with her.

Sarah Pray and her band have shared the stage with the Felice Brothers, Michelle Malone, Sebastien Grainger, Haley Bonar, Jim Lauderdale, Dent May, Sick of Sarah and many other great artists.