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The Sarah Reid Quartet came together in June 2006. 8 days later they played their first show, and were enthusiastically pulled back onto stage for an unanticipated encore. Since then they have been preforming in and around Toronto, and are currently in the process of recording their debut album, 'Tell A Story' (summer2007). The Toronto-based ensemble combines folk/roots inspired melodies with the unique sound of the cello and trumpet to create a group that attracts audiences of all ages.

�Sarah possesses a rare gift to write eloquent, purposeful music that touches the hearts of everyone who listens. Her lyrics tell vivid and honest stories that you would expect to hear from someone who has lived a long life � not from a 17 year old. Sarah�s smooth, mellow voice blends beautifully with the folky flare of her band creating a truly unique ensemble that no one should miss.� -- DB



Written By: Sarah Reid

Na na na na na na

There’s an orange tiger lily on my windowsill,
From days ago,
But it’s still beautiful.

There’s a picture of my family, on the wall,
From years before,
And they’re beautiful too.

There’s a faded line along the floor, from where
The sun shone through,
Years before.

There’s a painting on my bedroom door that my
Brother made, when he was
5 years old.

Do you remember when I pushed you on that old red swing?
It’s still swinging in my mind.
Do you remember all the silly songs we used to sing?
They’re still singing in my mind.

Na na na na…

All the poems you wrote and threw away,
I’ve kept safe because one day
You’ll see how…

Every word that you’ve said to me, I’ve locked
Up inside -
I’ve lived so long without you..

Na na na na…


Sarah Reid - 4 track professional EP (Imaginit Music, 2006.)
102.7FM Thunder Bay Radio - Sarah Reid EP
Heartstrings Romantic Radio (BC) - Sarah Reid EP

Set List

Two or three 45 minute sets is typical. (length & number is flexible). We will usually throw in a cover tune every 3 or 4 songs.

Set List:

31 days
Baby, I - Jenny Whiteley
Does it Matter
When I'm Gone - Phil Ochs
Tell a Story
I think I'll pass
I Wonder Why
Coffee Stain - Sarah Harmer
Out There
Live Easily