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Sarah Sadler


insightful lyrics + memorable melodies + personable topics = Sarah Sadler's brand of organic-pop music.


Singer-songwriter Sarah Sadler releases her sophomore record, Where It Started, the follow-up release to her 2002 self-titled debut. With an unconventional method of record making set out for mainstream success, the artist establishes herself as an emerging talent with solid songs and creative production. “We really wanted to make a record that didn't have rules,” Sarah says. “The title Where It Started came out of a lyric from a song on the record called ‘Pedaling Backwards’; it represents my feeling that this is the project that defines me in a musical capacity and is also something that I can be proud of as an artist. There are pros and cons to doing an independent record, but for us it was the right decision to go it alone this time around and show what we’re capable of.”

Teaming up with her father, Gary Sadler to co-write and produce Where It Started, the Nashville based artist says, “This record is homegrown from start to finish. It was a long time in the making, but well worth it when you can walk away with a project that you're excited about.”

With various musical influences from pop to country impacting her writing style, much of what draws the listener into Sarah's music is the relation to real life. “When I listen to music, I'm taken somewhere,” Sarah says. “Music is the soundtrack of life and the songs I find myself listening to over and over again are those songs that get me where I feel it personally. I try my best to write what I know, but I also try to write songs from others' perspectives in a way that I could easily connect to as well.”

As a third generation professional musician, Sarah got her start in music at the age of nine when one of her original compositions was recorded on a children's music project. With a strong musical family supporting her, Sarah has been writing and recording ever since. At the age of nineteen, Sarah signed to Nashville-based Essential Records and released her self-titled, debut record in 2002.

“Beautiful” from Sarah's debut release proved to be commercially successful and has been featured in numerous TV and Film projects, including the 20th Century Fox major motion picture release, “Just Married” starring Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy.

Sarah’s latest artistic venture, Where It Started features 12 signature songs that highlight Sarah's breathy vocal and emotion as a performer. "Get Yourself Together," the album's opening track, gives an instant taste of the record’s steady theme of clever lyrics and tasteful blend of acoustic and electric guitars. “‘Get Yourself Together’ has really become my personal mantra,” Sarah says. “When we first wrote it, I saw the lyric like I was telling someone else to get it together, but the more I sang it, the more the words began to take on a whole new meaning for me and I knew right away that I was singing to myself.”

The radio-ready “Dedicated” features scenic lyrics paired with an instantly memorable melody while “Unspoken” catches the listener with its well-built, guitar-driven chorus. “Eyes,” a deeply heartfelt love song about love being “shown, not said,” engages haunting chords seamlessly woven with emotionally raw lyrics.

Where It Started shows Sarah's diversity as a well-rounded artist, all while staying true to the unique sound and feel that sets her apart. “This project is a way to better articulate who Sarah is musically,” says Gary Sadler about the record. “I love working with her - always have, and I'm really pleased with this collection of songs. It gives a glimpse into who Sarah Sadler is.”

“There's a lot of me that's out on the table with this record,” Sarah says. “It feels good though because I really believe in this project and these songs. I think that's worth putting yourself out there.”


Sarah Sadler, 2002 Essential Records
Essential Hits: Ten - Celebrating a Decade of Wonder (compilation), 2002 Essential Records
Next Door Savior (compilation), 2003 Creative Trust
It Takes Two (compilation), 2003 Sparrow/EMI Records
Where It Started, 2008 Audioluxe Records

Beautiful - winner of Nielson Sound Scan's "Spin Award" for 30,000 + spins
Running Into You - from the 2002 release, Sarah Sadler

Beautiful - featured in the major motion picture "Just Married," TBS original movie "Red Water," and the ABC original series "The Last Resort."
Dreams of You - feature song for independent film "Still Life"

Set List

Get Yourself Together
Pedaling Backwards
How Does It Feel
Running Into You