Sarah Severson

Sarah Severson

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Hauntingly beautiful.


I never knew that it was possible to have a heart felt passion about something and not even realize it. But the mind can hold a pattern for a long time and then one day it seems to mysteriously open up. I have always been drawn to music but over time my identity has become intertwined with the songs that had come to represent my strongest feelings. It was this progression that finally lead me to realize that this was where my passions lived.
It is a hard thing to admit because it's not easy to expose yourself to caring deeply about something that is subjective on so many levels. But I couldn't ignore my intuitive feelings to move forward and that being said, I dove in. After a mental block of the first 25 years of my life, something opened up and my first song emerged. Since that time I have written several songs and enjoyed the success of playing in clubs around the Seattle area to a growing audience. Mostly I am accompanied by other musicians in performances but I do occasionally play solo.

I think that the words are almost the most important aspect of a song because if a song doesn't say something the music is empty. My music is somewhat abstractly introspective. Initially I fought the notion that the songs that seem to emerge through me in any way resembled my life. But in retrospect I find a lot of personal meaning in my words. As the creator I have one idea about what my songs mean but as a performer and musician I give my songs to you to fulfill your own meanings.