Sarah Swain

Sarah Swain


Sarah Swain is a singer/songwriter who sets herself apart by leaving in the rough edges - discovering country and roots music without throwing away her Replacements albums. Honest, energetic rock/americana, rockabilly classics, and a hint of country, with an energy that makes it all very real.


Sarah Swain began playing guitar and writing songs at 14 and started playing open mics as soon as she looked old enough to pass for 21. She grew up in the Boston area and became a fixture in the local indie/folk scene. Her travels brought her to England and Colorado, and along the way she continued to write songs as well as teaching herself to be a solid bassist.
Returning to Boston, Sarah played bass in several local rock bands and continued to play her own music. In 2007 she recorded her debut “One Girl Town,” which was produced by the legendary Boston rocker Dave Minehan. Sarah is currently working on her follow-up CD (again produced by Dave), which should be out in October 2011.
Sarah currently lives and performs in Cape Cod, where along with the Sarah Swain Band she also plays bass with local rockers The Greenheads and sings and plays guitar in local rockabilly favorites Randy and the Oak Trees. Her original song “Ain’t Gonna Be My Valentine” won The Oak Trees the best local Valentines Day Song on Cool 102.1 FM “Cheap Seats” program. When not writing songs Sarah keeps busy teaching dance, raising a family and managing a yard full of chickens.


One Girl Town (2007) - currently played on 102.1 FM and 92.1FM WOMR (both in Cape Cod)