Sarah Tollerson

Sarah Tollerson

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

From sassy uptempo blues to gripping love ballads, Sarah Tollerson captivates listeners with her powerful voice and heartfelt performances. Recent awards include the John Lennon Scholarship for songwriting, several Berklee College of Music songwriting awards, and three channel wins.


After several years as a solo act, Georgia native and singer/songwriter Sarah Tollerson found her band and studio musicians in the musical mecca of Athens, Georgia in 2005. With Trevor Wooden on electric guitar, Alec Wooden on bass, and Joe Bleakley on drums, they’re fondly known among their fans as “The Big Fantastic.” Despite the band’s tremendous success in Georgia, Sarah made the decision to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston, relocating in January of 2006. Fueled by her first three semesters, she took a summer off from songwriting classes and returned south to record with the Big Fantastic at the Odyssey Studio under the direction of Patrick Rives. She independently released her debut full length album, “Keeping Old Love Letters” in August 2007.

Since the release, Sarah has been handpicked by Berklee College of Music faculty for several performing and songwriting awards. She’s infiltrated the world wide web, boasting three awards from that were decided entirely by the site’s users. This comes on top of the airplay her album is receiving on college radio in every corner of the U.S.

But when she’s not busy promoting her album, Sarah has been known to step into the studio as a session vocalist. “I love the work,” she says. “I enjoy the challenge of working with producers to get exactly the feel they are going for, no matter how different it is from my original material.” Recent projects include everything from commercial jingles to parodies of old time folk songs.

Despite her diversity in the music business, Sarah ultimately feels that the stage is where she belongs. After graduating from Berklee in 2008, her love of performance led nicely to her first job as a licensed performer in the Boston subway system, the T. “I knew that I needed to be playing music as much as possible and the T was the perfect outlet,” she says. Sarah sold her cds out of her guitar case and received countless e-mails and kind words from the city travelers.

Now, Sarah is living a new adventure. In June of 2009, Sarah left Boston for Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. She is currently writing and recording her next album, and can be found turning heads in her captivating live performances.

The road ahead looks promising for Sarah Tollerson.



Written By: Sarah Tollerson/Mike Willis

thinking back to those simple times
when love was easy
even if it wasn't right

my body is awake
my mind is wandering
no time to wait
no time for sympathy

it's 4 am and I'm up thinking
I've forgotten how to fall asleep
It's a lonely highway
I had it my way
now I'm all alone

It's so simple darling
I've got a way of falling out of control
but I already know
it's time to let go

I was terrified to hold his hand
I thought it was my daddy
but it was another man

at five years old
I learned the truth
I've gotta pay attention to the ones that I hold onto

I once was told
if you want the truth
you have to stay awake
and let the truth find you

so here I am
it's 4 am
and I'm still waiting

It's so simple baby
don't even try to save me
cause I'm better off
moving along


Written By: Sarah Tollerson/Mike Willis

You're talking in a bar
when she walks in like she's a star
she ain't never been on tv drives a beaten up car
but everyone all around her know she's gonna go far

She's so perfect
you know it
you're craving her touch
She's so perfect
makes me sick
I hate her so much
She's so perfect
it shows when
you can't get enough
I love to hate her so much

Oh yeah you know the type
they barely breathe a word and then they get what like
you'll walk up to her like you're hypnotized
but baby listen to me she don't know you're alive

You know she's on her back more than the wrestling team
just look at what she's wearing, lord she's making a scene
so if you want a lady who can show you some class
you better stay here with me or you can kiss my ass

I'm so perfect
you know it
you're craving my touch
I'm so perfect
don't blow it
I want you so much

I'll Sneak Away

Written By: Sarah Tollerson

We've been lovers for so long
Off again and on
Fall into your pillow
and deeper down we go

'Til I whisper in your ear
something you never seem to hear

Sleep sweetly
Sleep I'll sneak away
I don't love you like I should
Don't think I ever could
So sleep sweetly
I'll sneak away

Your stubborn heart won't believe
you're just not what I need
Listing reasons why we'll make it
but my stubborn heart can't fake it

So I whisper in your ear
something you never seem to hear

Sleep sweetly
sleep I'll sneak away
I don't love you like I should
Don't think I ever could
So sleep sweetly
I'll sneak away

I love you but I'll never fall

Down the Line

Written By: Sarah Tollerson

I still can't remember
the first time that I met you
You didn't make an impression
I couldn't picture your face

You took me by surprise
and swept me under your spell
and it was better that way
than I've ever felt

You picked me out
in a crowd
I didn't know you
but you knew me
and what we'd be
Down the Line

This isn't a love song
it's so much more
I wrote too many love songs
before I knew who they were for

You are the real thing
I can finally tell
and it's better this way
than I've ever felt

You picked me out
in a crowd
I didn't know you
but you knew me
and what we'd be
Down the Line


Keeping Old Love Letters - August 2007

Set List

Typical set is 45 minutes - 1 hour long. Mostly originals, a few covers. Covers range from The Beatles to Jackson 5 to Counting Crows.