Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker


Covenant award nominated debut release "Overflow" combines fresh lyrics with contagious melodies that inspire us to worship God with our whole lives.


As a worship leader, Sarah has been serving The Meeting House in Oakville, Ontario, Canada for over 11 years.
Sarah says, “I love the truth that God accepts us just as we are. We don’t have to clean up before we come to him. But his love and grace are so profound that he doesn’t leave us the way he found us. He keeps changing us; making us new– pouring into us and then pouring out of us.”
Sarah’s desire is that this album will inspire the Church to respond to God’s heart and take action on issues of poverty and justice. As a reflection of her belief, Sarah is donating 50% of the proceeds from her CD to support education for orphans and vulnerable children in southern Africa through MCC’s Global Family Program.



Written By: Sarah Walker

Verse 1:
Relentless love is always finding me
And even in my brokenness you meet with me
Amazing peace is flowing deep in me
Like endless streams you meet me there and comfort me

And I want to live out of the overflow
‘Cause deep in my heart I know your love is all I need
And I want to shine with radiance deep inside
Reflecting compassion and your grace for all to see
Your love in me

Verse 2:
Unending grace is pouring over me
You cover all my sin and shame, redeeming me
Your hand of truth is right here guiding me
You’re always leading me back home with mercy

And I will live what I believe
And give from what you’ve given me – amazing grace
And I will live what I believe
And give from what you’ve given me


Debut album - Overflow has been nominated for Modern Worship Album of the Year and CD Artwork design of the Year for the 2009 Gospel Music Association Covenant Awards.