Sarah Windsong

Sarah Windsong


Beached whale am I that crests the waves of linear time ...


Raised on the hoots and hollers of the Kerrville Folk Festie my roots are folk with a spectrum of radiant sounds that bridge the mystic and mundane...


Snowy holiday

Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

Snowy holiday wraps us in a white winter coat
Earthly eyes sans the ties bind
unfurling the blossom that rest under the seasons
Feathers fall on the aqueous blanket of snow
you swing this beautiful laugh that thaws our hearts
wings arc as you howl from your diaphragm
lips parch as the wind hums along with the melody that laughter sparks and the sound becomes everything

I can see peace rising

Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

I can see peace rising
She a beautiful bird
Turquoise feathers
flop in
Sunburnt sky
Fishtailing towards a fence post
go catch her
redirect her
Floppy arcs
a teal trail
on soap stoned grass
Who will be draughting
in late summertime
A thin blue line
we see it from the highway
Our fiberous assumptions are velvet beaked
As we stitch together what we think we see

A three winged bird can’t ( never, would but will not ) cross the (road, stream, planet, understanding) world
through the fields
where the “way it is” grows,

Let us take to the sky through the holy pocket
of the black cloak that never ends
dug out of Marm’s closet

melded into the
Echoing sea
who is kin to the air
that is the sky above.
tamborine waves scuttle metally
uniting into the
Echoing sea
Housing the river of breathe water
Who is kin to the air
that is the sky above
Speckled with birds dear
Whose beaks clank together
As they land and liftoff
from the tarmac
on Planes
lit by plastic stars
who get turned on
when you press an image
of a stringy light bulb
The thoughts and feelings
have all taken there seats
Some shift eyes to their neighbors
Others blow clouds kisses
Whose rocking their visual acuity
Hope the captain is
Which leads us to ask
What do the blind dream
Captain announces his favorite song
Is a Tom Waits version of a Johnny Cash song
That Cash neither sang nor wrote
Follow me says the healer marked
by the rounded son who has crossed
the tundras and vistas of the days to come

Where this veiled song is shown
says the talking passiflora
Whose botanical name
enthusiastically evokes
the beauty of growth

the sea hikes up the waves of sand
laughter jingles from the contented woman
theres all the smarts locked away
so do your work and set them free

Goosebumps are Rain

Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

Inside soul walls there are mystical rivers
that can easily be covered by the fabric of the earth,
ina row boat
a thankful thought
sinks a line
you are now
to respond in time
for the surface
is as here
as it is bottom
Baring witness
to the progress is fraught
With the option of forgetting these waters
Slow rhythm of rain swivels and twists
toghether were playing rattling our shapely hips

Goosebumps are rain on the inside
Your hair is falling down your back
Carving main waterfall around your neck
Fish swim upside down on a musical staff
Taking the waves
they turn into musical notes

Living waters

Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

I like how you celebrate your glory
Seeing the branches of joy leaf out on your face as you say
I look forward to the day when every child is nourished and we all live in peace
what a gift to revel in your grace
I feel your heart expanding in the horizon donning those quintessential sun rays
as we dance in the living waters miraculous healings take place
and when your feelings migrate towards winter
the inner sun emblazoned on the coral reefage of your soul shines and guides your way on
The corazon of la madre is calling in the wind chime tingle of your laughter
In the placid expanse of your gaze

follow your bliss

Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

How are these changes a' comin
says the lavendar farm of yarg

who wrestles chickens for eggies
to feed his babies
scrabblin in the barn
oh babies who butress
the brakes
bones of birds midflap
till sun obscures in the west and tan dirt is taken as black

theres a taste that arouses a feeling a feeling that has no home
theres a hole where were storing provisions for the stories that
have yet to be born

Your neighbor is wearing a bindhi
on her third eye
she moves in close to presence
taking on a profound light
she beams and says follow
your bliss
I've heard this saying
and many in it's vein its
her candor and his vigor
ignite a revolutionary orgasm in ye olde spirit

these changes are bits of dust gone crystal mines
theres treasure immeasurable
relax and feed it your time piece
let it rise up from
marrow and soul

so hear
do you hear it


Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

Aberdeen there ten of you in the world
not one is close to east timor

We wearing our great s capes as the dash is our make
Slow dancing on map of the world
A cartographers kite sailing our feet on the night sky
were bathed in daylight as tides of the sky sweep around the suns eye
Aberdeen your Scottish cousin is CARVED of creamy OIL PAINT SPUN OFF THE
brush of an impressionist
Navy jeans are swollen at the seams as our capes catch in the kneepitss of trees
Rivers roll on the rocks of your soil
it’s a joy to be alive
in this split in the back hairs of time

Escarpments are the layer cake
that mother nature baked throughout time





A scream of exhuberance

Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

The hat maker
“I want their precious radiance to wrap me in light” alice walker says
rowing boats
of all the open windows
through holes in the locked doors
theres a trail of rembrance
that your shore
is not yours
theres a belly for the baby who
is new reality
safely coated in your skin
beating to your beat
how do you dwell
after breaking out of the shell
a scream of new exhuberance
without a inkling of hubris
feeding on the energy
the sweat of birth
a silky white sweater
sipped as strands of yarn
the milk song
the love that is pouring from the conical nub

get on your bike says the legs and eyes
get on your metal steed at once
calling you home from the base of the hill
that you brave yourself to ride
a sound awakens in your bones
a promise to the night
that you’ll pedal through the storms
you wont stop for a drink
that you keep on moving till
you merge with the cement sea
embracing the river of silt gone hard
you’ll turn on your path
with the helmet on your head
inscribed with a blessing
you’ll always do your best
know that your safe
may joy guide your way on

Ocean is her midwife

Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

Sujata delievers
A golden ladder
inside this green tara hut
Cloaked in teepee shaped hala trees
The kokee frogs sing through the vog
elephant ears can hear us from here
the peace tribe
Is grounding the stars with spherical melodies
As the ladder is climbed
To reach the forehead of the closet
The guest will be arriving soon
So in the make ready
We Cleanse the spoils of jungle lizards
At the top of the ladder a foot dangles towards the moon
Each stride of the sponge
Each thrust of the rag
Oh shes just the help the owner says
Who delegates the work she would never do herself
thats resistance talkin
you know
Im proud to serve
Wheres your aloha spirit
Let me hear it
Infinite love and gratitude are where this spirit resides
Hums the Medicine women whose red mane and orchid bee blue eyes
Permiate through the layers of reasons why

She ruminates on the great sufi mystic
as the volcano erupts the fiery liquid
A whirling dervish she spins in the beloveds sight
Mama pele births new land
Ocean is her midwife

Power behind her words

Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

Working at the toy store the day before christmas falls
people are sheering shelves for the goods to dress and deliver
the only time of year when trees are invited in mass indoors
These eyes meet the gaze of an olive skinned girl who has no arms her
head points toward the fragility clause
you can look but you cannot touch
i want to rip it down
I quiet the impulse
turning into a wish
may every door that she walk through be held
may there be power behind her words
she stands like a tree
may she always be invited in doors

roses in petular motion

Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

Gardeners gloves have slipped off
the knobby bones
hardly a maiden voyage
hands spiral into loam
A bite mark trail
oh sweet kiss of the rose

Whose Dna constitution is inscribed
with directions for self protection

Ancient roses translate
everything for newsprung leaves
Their pink rain slick skins
puff out matronly
as sister buds
watch their mothers plucked
Moments of whimsy of woe

Sweet recognition
in the stillness
that our job
as humans beans is to care for all lifes energies
harmonizes the wind
winging messages of the unknown
spinning the roses
in petular motion
is to protect
All living things
Harmonizes the Wind
messages of hope
spinning the roses
in petular motion
Spring fed from garden hoses the thrust of rain
Nuturing and nourishing
the fertile spurts of the earth
Gaze of the gardener
is long and fixed


Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

Johanna you hear your heart beat
you envision small feet
you feel your life force
you feel your daughters
johanna you dream of new realities yearning to share your happiness with all living things
oh what fertile dreams
now your a baker baring the bread of life
a light being with sky as eyes
now your a dancer swaying to the beat of the divine
johanna be a climber
scale your mountainside
look into the sun light
look into your own eyes
atop your mountain courage peaks
gently resting till you will it to speak
courage is the daughter
of the husk gone word for ye olde

A pooch named truth in latin

Written By: Sarah Goldblatt

are you warm in your maroon sweater
precious veritas nibbles on
oh holy garment spun
from alpaca yarn
woven strands by gentle hands
upon a loom that is carved from
ficus tree
rooted high on the mountains
on its branches
twenty nests have rested last year alone
neath it shade many creatures had been born
before it body lumbers down for human need the life of the sweater is embracing you in warmth

the planks of wood that we
have hung
from the junipers mouth
are grinning at the birth of death
we are dangling our legs
on the balcony of our tree house
that we build together in the middle of the night
to forgo the suns gnarly bite
August heat of this southern summer
can sweat you out
truth is heat inspires our journey on
with only the clothes clung to our
bodies we do not hesitate happiness is the step we take