Sarai Juelz

Sarai Juelz

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Pop Soul Anthem music at it's finest


Born and raised in the Red Clay part of the world...Sarai Juelz (suh-rye ju-wellz) born Kimberly Howard strives to be a force to be reckoned with. She comes with a heart built with fire and desire and promises to not make her renaming herself in loving memory of her children Sarai Imani and Zion Juelz in vain.

An innocence compared to Aaliyah...a raw edge like Beyonce...the mental temple of Erykah Badu...and a relatable soul like the one we find in Mary J. Blije, she welcomes you to her heart with her promo summer album The Truth: Ugly Girl Syndrome. Using Tim Newhouse of Newhouse productions as her engineer and musical angel, you will be taken away by her songs Breathe and Wildflower Sunrise..."Tim Newhouse is a beast in the lab...He knows what you wanna do in your backgrounds without you even telling him...He's the Mozart of lyrical arrangement. He is a God-send."

Sarai Juelz has dedicated her music to helping women Fight Ugly Girl Syndrome and has created a fan club centered around this theme. Ugly Girl Syndrome will be followed up by her debut album Unstable Creature in 2012.

Also an actress, she stars in 50 Christames and Willow Avenue, both straight to YouTube shorts due in 2011. With her very own lip gloss brand Razzle Dazzle named after her band she's structuring, due to hit local stores in summer of 2011, there will be no avenues she can't target and cross successfully.

Sarai Juelz says, 'I don't care who got now, I got next...." and when she hits the court, all contenders better be ready.


Breathe (Without You)
Look At You Now
Wildflower Sunrise