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“This young, Polish-based ensemble plays Macedonian, Bulgarian and other Balkan music with a charged energy, a flair for jazz and folk alike, and the curiosity of non-natives discovering a secret code. the trio plays kaval, accordion, bagpipe, bass and tambura. The musicianship is first-rate, the tunes are mostly original, but owe a lot to the traditions that have influenced these players, and the arrangements are subtle yet inventive.” - Cliff Furnald (RootsWorld)


”Sarakina” is an oriental name for a beautiful girl from Balkans, a village in Greece and the name of a band from Bialystok playing music of Bulgarian origin. They play compositions and arrangements of melodies and music motives from Bulgaria and Macedonia. Their music blend different tempoes and moods, and even epochs. The archaic songs go hand in hand with virtuositly performed jazzy interludes and the clarinet “gabs” with the ethnic instruments.

- Monika Zmijewska (journalist, Gazeta Wyborcza)


”Sarakina’s” concert should be attended by the Balkan music fans as well as those who does not like this kind of music. The former would hear their favourite music played in sophisticated, subtle arrangements. The latter would learn that, on contrary to the junk, brazen TV

productions, the production related to the Balkan roots can be beautiful and intelligent.

- Tomasz Janas (journalist, Czas Kultury)

"Fryderykata 2"

This is not simply a recital of various compostions by Chopin but a much deeper work, which imagine s the famous composer still living and still capable of producing inspiration even today.
No problem thus for the listener who perhaps is not familiar with Chopin. In fact it may well attract the listener to Chopins music.
I do not want to make a track listing but highlight a couple of original tracks written by the band leader and accordionist Jacek Grekow which are Ballade in 7 and the title track Fryderykata. They like “Nocturne in G minor Op. 15 n.3”, the long and elaborate “Pelude in C minor Op.28 N.20” and the last track “Se navali Sharp lanina” have that something extra which immediately capture the listeners interest.
Once again Sarakina provide proof of their great artistry...


Fryderykata is a truly special project that sees themes from Chopin's oeuvre magically transported back to where they came from in the first place - Eastern European folk music. This emotional and joyous music would make Chopin smile and will surely enchant Irish audiences! - Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dublin





Sarakina, a Polish-Bulgarian-Czech band, performs music, which is a fusion of Ethnic Balkan and jazz. The original Ethnic music has modern artistic arrangements, with classical influences and jazz improvisations. The group is comprised of professional musicians, who have been playing together since 1999.