Sara Marcellus

Sara Marcellus

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN




I Found My Way Now

Written By: Sara Marcellus

I found my way, through all the clouds that was in front of me
I found my way, although I thought I would never get there
I found my way, back to myself
I would never go back to the darkness and insecurities of my past
I would never go back to being afraid of whom I am
I found my way back to me.

Hello, Hello, Hello!
Hello myself!
Hello, Hello, Hello!
This is me.

I am not going to flounder anymore
I will not put myself down anymore
I’ll never let my lonely days keep me down
Cause I found my way now!
I am happier than ever

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello myself!
Hello, Hello, Hello. This is me.
Hello, Hello, Hello. To my brand new life
Hello, Hello, Hello. My happiness is here.
Hello, Hello! Hello, Hello! (2x)
I found my way…. Back to me!
I found my way back to me. (3x)

Written by Sara Marcellus