Sara Marlowe

Sara Marlowe


A cross between ani difranco, Joni Mitchell & Tracy Chapman - with the passion and politics of Rage Against the Machine - Sara's music has been described as timely, edgey and compelling attention.


Sara Marlowe is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter/activist and has been likened to ani difranco, Alanis Morisette and the 'Good Witch of the West.' From songs about current global issues and oppression, ranging from the current War on Iraq to the environment to the increasing gap between rich and poor, Sara's music has been described as timely, punchy, edgy and compelling attention.

Sara has captivated audiences from intimate coffeehouse gatherings to tens of thousands at Peace Rallies and political demonstrations across Canada. She has raised the roof at numerous social justice events including International Women's Day celebrations, anti-globalization protests, peace concerts, December 6 th vigils, environmental picnics and labour rallies. Throughout, she has shared the stage with other well-known rabble-rousers -- Bruce Cockburn, David Rovics, Chris Brown, Evalyn Parry, Anne Feeney and David Suzuki. She also plays at bars and clubs around Southern Ontario. She is gearing up for a North American tour to support her newest CD, “times like these…”

Sara has recorded two CDs, “ A World to Win: Songs from the Struggle for Global Justice ” and ‘times like these...' They are both protest-folk albums at heart, but with a twist – they encompasses a variety of musical genres, including acoustic roots and pop, with accents of world-beat, jazz and funk. Picked as one of the Top 10 Releases of 2002 by 'Harris Radio' in New York City, A World to Win hit #13 on the Canadian college charts, while times like these… recently hit #6. Her songs have appeared on compilations in Canada, the US and the UK, most notably on ‘Peace Not War' Vol 2, (with ani difranco, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Jane's Addiction and others from around the globe) and ‘ One Big No' by ‘Artists Against War,' (with the Barenaked Ladies, Chris Brown & Kate Fenner and other well-known Canadian musicians). This past April, Sara was the Spotlight Artist on the New Songs for Peace website (, a UNESCO endorsed music project that has featured artists such as Chumbawumba and Kitaro. Sara's music can be heard on the radio in Europe, Australia and across North America and her CDs are currently selling on both sides of the Atlantic.

'Times like these...' encompasses a wide range of musical genres, including acoustic roots, protest folk and pop, with accents of world-beat, jazz and funk. To create this eclectic sound, Sara was joined by some prominent Toronto musicians: Latin-jazz drummer Daniel Holowachuk; jazz-fusion composer Steve Sherman on bass; Lowell Lybarger, one of the top Canadian tabla players; Dave Olsen (of "Just Think") on piano; Brodie West, Canadian renowned saxophone player and Alex McMaster on cello.


This Time

Written By: Sara Marlowe

After the story's told for the thousandth time
I sit back and catch my thoughts
as they slowly drift by
A voice like velvet cannot take it away
This time it's gonna be a little harder to say
It's gonna be okay

Funny how these days have all seemed to have happened before
Feels so familiar but never too sure
I could go on believing if I try
This time it's gonna be a little harder to say
It'll all turn out fine

Can only bury your head in the sand for so long
'Til it gets a little hard to swallow
That giving up so easy
only means that they've won
Still I'd do almost anything
to forget this for a little while
This time it's gonna be a little harder
It's gonna take a little longer
This time

Not as they Seem

Written By: Sara Marlowe

They're counting on everyone to turn a blind eye
Don't want us to see through their mastery of disguise
Turn a war crime into a Nobel Peace prize
And find a terrorist behind a praying man's eyes

Claim to open your heart while you close off your mind
Ignorance must be bliss to those with something to hide
And pretty soon the only question left for you to face is why

Feel the weight on your shoulders
Is it only me or are things not quite as they seem

Bringing in democracy with the barrel of a gun
But when they're lying dead how can they enjoy freedom
Peace for the living is not in their plan
Gotta understand, gotta take a stand

And gotta start asking questions now before it's too late
Like when did this world become so consumed by hate
Or maybe that's just the truth
They want us to believe, to deceive, to let them be


And now every voice of reason they seem to criminalize
When the only crime we're guilty of is our hope for a better life
They may have their tanks and their bombs and their guns and their money and their lies
But we know we're right

Seems like all around me things are changing
It's not only me believing that things aren't quite as they seem
Not as they seem

Let Them Stay

Written By: Sara Marlowe

When 3 simple little words can change the world
We gotta scream, we gotta shout and make sure those 3 little words are heard
No more waiting, time for us to say
Let them stay, let them stay

So every war has its heroes,
This one's nothing new
But the definition is different
from what we were taught in school
And there are heroes among us today
We gotta let them stay, let them stay

They're allowed to kill,
But not allowed to say no
Allowed to take life,
But not allowed to decide their own
But they don't want to kill
and they don't want to die
For a lie that will never go away
Let them stay, let them stay

We should be throwin' flowers at their feet
and holding a parade
They shouldn't have to be on the run,
They shouldn't have to be hidden away
When this is all over, I want to be able to say
We let them stay, we let them stay
Just like Vietnam
Let them stay



1) A World to Win
- tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15 have been receiving airplay

2) times like these... (2004, World to Win Records)
- tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13 have been receiving airplay

Set List

I don't really have a "typical" set list - it varies according to the venue and the gig. It can range from 1 song if it is at a political rally, up to a couple of hours at a bar or coffeehouse gig.

I primarily play original songs, but have been adding some covers by artists such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springstein, Tracy Chapman, ani difranco, Joni Mitchell and the amazing Astrud Gilberto.