Sara Rodrigues

Sara Rodrigues


"an emotional exfoliant imbued with the essentials of early twenty-something experiential crap." - Zorianna Zurba [photographer; intellectual].


In the words of photographer and intellectual Zorianna Zurba, the music of 20-year-old Sara Rodrigues is "an emotional exfoliant imbued with the essentials of early twenty-something experiential crap."

The accuracy of this statement is indisputable - even after hearing only a sample of the songs on 'leap year'- Sara Rodrigues' first full-length, released in January 2006. Produced by David Porteous and Rob Lamothe, 'leap year' is a deeply affective, emotionally-driven record that brings a much needed intelligence to the world of pop songwriting.

An emotive performer since the age of 15, Sara has played numerous shows in her hometown of Sudbury, Ontario, opening for acts like Ember Swift and Serena Ryder. By the age of 18, she had already performed at the C'est What Cafe, the Rivoli Tavern and on the Songwriters Association of Canada's Bluebird North Tour. As part of Bluebird North [2002], Sara shared the stage with several notable performers, including Jian Ghomeshi (of Moxy Fruvous fame), John Mann, Danny Michel (singer/songwriters) and rap artist Snow.

A self-taught pianist and vocalist, Sara’s musical abilities are innate. Her technique is unique, stylistic, ultimately imperfect, and the foundation of her sound. Although Sara’s songwriting focuses on her aptitude for crafting radio-ready pop songs with challenging lyrics, it is her distinctly unique voice – equal parts rich and mellow with solemn undertones - that is the most captivating element of her music. Songs like "Everyone But Me" and "Paste" illuminate Sara's intense ability to communicate emotion, as her solemn yet mellow alto switches from a powerful roar to a delicate whisper on a dime. Sara's piano is predominantly improvisatory, and works interdependently with her vocals to enhance the emotional impact of her music.

Inspired by the likes of more obscure artists, including Wilco, Carissa's Wierd, Rachel's, and singer/songwriters Shannon Wright and Matthew Good, the songs on 'leap year' are as diverse as the sounds of the artists that have inspired them. As a result of strategically incorporating key elements of each of these artists - the darkness of Shannon Wright, the enigmatic nuances of Rachel's and the pop sensibility and lyrical fluidity of Good - Sara Rodrigues has created an album and a sound that is truly her own.


Leap Year [2006]
June 2003 sampler [2003]
'5 songs' EP [2002]

Set List

Originals (45 minutes):

Wicked Fiction
Everyone But Me
Beyond Repair
Out of Context
This is the Glamorous

The above are the originals I am currently performing. The majority come from the new album; the remainder are new tunes written since recording.

Although all set lists feature original music, it is also imperative to show your audience what an artist can do with a song in terms of interpretation. I typically perform reinterpretatiosn of Death From Above 1979, Tool, Wilco, Sufjan Stevens, The Postal Service, The Shins, Sublime, Silverchair and Ryan Adams, among others.