Sara Scott

Sara Scott


The musical head on collision of Pink and Lady Gaga...the explosive sound produces Pop sensation Sara Scott!


Sarah Scott was born in Louisiana, where she has lived her entire life. She began playing piano at six years old and has been singing since she was eight. While sitting in her play room as a child, she watched a broadcast television Celine Dion concert and was mesmerized by Celine’s passion. She recalls watching Celine sing with tears running down her face and knew from then on that she wanted to inspire people with music also. As a teen Sarah won the title “Miss Louisiana American Teen” and went on to be crowned “Miss New Orleans, Louisiana, USA” in 2007. Since graduating from Aveda she has enjoyed being a stylist at a reputable salon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Her music career began at age 18, when she began writing her own lyrics and recording in local studios. She wrote and sang the lyrics on DJ Shawn Davis’ CD and performed with him at Club Karma in Lafayette, Louisiana. Sarah also featured on South Coast Coalition’s “Third World Project” and “Trunk Music”. She has sung the national anthem at several events including Baton Rouge Kingfish hockey games and at the Special Olympics in Baton Rouge.

In Early 2008, while at “600 Main”, a downtown Baton Rouge nightclub, Sarah was introduced to Carlton AKA “Mr. Hollywood” through mutual friends. Mr. Hollywood then told his brother, Koach Soldjer (President of PRO Rated Productions) about Sarah. After communication through Myspace, Sarah and Koach Soldjer met at the PRO Rated studio, where she was introduced to POOCH (C.E.O. of PRO Rated Productions). She signed with PRO Rated Productions in 2008 and is in the beginning stages for a Fall 2009 release of her EP on which she co-wrote some of the songs. Because of her motivation by artist like Avril Lavigne and Rihanna, her EP is pop with a rock edge. She is also preparing to begin traveling from promotional shows with other PRO Rated artists along with some of the industry’s biggest stars.


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