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"Heck of a lot of fun"

"Their press kit describes the music as "alternative pop/rock with Celtic color," and after a few songs that label seems fitting. But before you start thinking Cranberries, think again. Sara Wendt's voice is at once waif-like and bold. It's a heck of a lot of fun to hear her work her way through a song. Listening to the opening lines of "Another Time" for example, can reduce you to tears as her breathy voice pines away. Behind her, the sound is big, at times like an army of guitars, at other times a new age string section. Overall, this disk (Parachute) is a hit, from the smart arrangements, solid musicianship, to that beautiful voice of hers." - Street Beat


Sara Wendt’s captivating new EP “here’s us” meets the expectations raised by its promotional copy: “rocking yet delicate and nuanced... featuring haunting overtones that make her music both vivid and dreamy.” “I’ll Be Waiting“ is a tense and powerful pop gem. Wendt's sad and beautiful cover of Homer Erotic’s “King of the Ghosts” has a sun-baked Mediterranean feel, as her keening wail trades riffs with co-producer Ann Klein’s fuzzed-out guitar. The poetry is like an offspring of Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith, and Wendt’s wrenching delivery squeezes the most out of it. “Pretty Dark Knight" is a dreamy, Eastern-influenced drone complete with sitar (Klein again). It's a little like The Doors’ “The End” turned upside down and inside out. An unexpected chord change in the chorus and the crystalline toll of a bell provide all the drama the song needs. The title track is another catchy pop nugget, this time on the Sarah McLachlan tip.... This is intelligent, variegated music that is perhaps most easily classified as pop-rock, but shouldn’t be shoehorned into any such category.
—Jon Sobel, -

"Breath of Fresh Sound"

A reminiscent kind of beautiful and breath of fresh sound from Sara Wendt, HERE'S US is a nice change, giving a romantic, light, breeze of feminine tone emoting and all in all a terrific CD! Sara's voice has a familiar type of ring to it. Every track on Here's Us has a visual impact and is cleverly written, rock with a soft side. I think any lover of the old Joni Mitchell classics will absolutely love the sound of Sara's voice and HERE'S US. The haunting, elusive track King of the Ghosts is my personal favorite - it has a Spanish flavor and Sara's voice covers the full range and explodes with feeling between melodic twists, it is a truly beautiful song. The title track is also quite uplifting and romantic but very upbeat and compliments perfectly the tracks that follow, which are much more reflective, with a full emotional power that Sara seems to weave quite naturally.
—Mary Gilbert, Guitar Noise - Guitar Noise

"Simmering . . ."

Sara Wendt deserves to be heard in some dimly lit, smoke-filled, basement set jazz club in order to give her music the perfect atmospheric accompaniment, and if you close your eyes and imagine you find your self almost there. Wendt's music has been described as alternative pop rock with a sprinkle of Celtic, but that brief description leaves out the numerous other influences heard. Nor can it convey the power of Wendt's voice, which on most tracks is left simmering under the surface, "King of the Ghosts" being the notable exception. Every song is a little microcasum of different musical styles with flourishes of jazz and folk mixed into the pop/rock base. What ever the genre, Wendt defies comparison.
—Adam A. Donaldson, Lucid Forge - Lucid Forge

"Grabs you . . ."

I liked this EP immediately. The melody of "I'll be Waiting" just grabbed me and didn't let go. It not only has the great tune, but it has that essential rise and fall, the quite verse, then the climb of the chorus. Very nice. Then "King of Ghosts" came on and I was in love. This is such a great song. It's got a very haunting sound (yeah, duh, it's about ghosts, right?) but that twangy spooky guitar is addictive. The fact that she uses minor keys also adds to the effect. Then you throw her swooping vocals on top of that and how can you not be in love with this song? This is a really good EP. I recommend it highly... I hope to hear a full length from Sara Wendt soon.
—Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds - Collected Sounds


Parachute (2001)
Here's Us (EP: 2006)
Weightless With Love (April, 2007)



A former lead singer of the East Village cult band, Homer Erotic and the founder of her own band, Went, Sara Wendt's other-worldly lyrics and bell-like voice has been charming the Lower East Side of Manhattan audiences for several years now. As she moves out using her own name these days, her songs get softer but more intensely emotional.

The songs from Sara's first record, Parachute, have been described as "music for your dreams" (Folkways) and "like diving into a tropical sea-warm, bright and filled with strange, cool twists" (Maggie Dubris).

Now with the release of her long-awaited second, Weightless With Love, Sara makes us hop and sing along a la Peppermint Patty with the title track's 70s style la-las and then she takes us to the life of a sad New Mexico drifter who doesn't like the radio in "Pretty Dark Knight" while she's off in those other worlds in "I'll Be Waiting" posing as a spiritual guide leading us along sunnier, soothing paths.

Sara attributes much of the gorgeous textures and arrangements on Weightless to her guitarist and fellow writer, Ann Klein and also to Tim Hatfield, the record's co-producer and engineer (Cowboy Technical Services). "Ann and Tim have completely read my mind on this one. I asked for Emmy Lou Harris' Wrecking Ball with a sitar and they delivered it with a bit or a lot of me in there."

Listen to Weightless With Love. This record is beautifully personal. I felt Sara was singing just to me, leading me to a better place.

She's been told she sounds like Natalie Merchant, Chrissie Hynds, Belly, Lisa Loeb, The Cranberries, Sinead O'Connor and no one. She gives all credit to Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Radiohead, Imogen heap, the Beatles, and her mom's fave, David Bowie's Ziggie Stardust.