Sara Wilkinson

Sara Wilkinson

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Sara Wilkinson is a Toronto Based singer-songwriter. Recently back from her fall tour, Sara is ready take her music world wide. Being a versatile artist, Sara explores all styles of music including folk, soul, rock, blues, jazz & pop. Sara Wilkinson released her latest album "Willingly," earlier this year and is available for purchase of Spotify & iTunes. For more information visit .


Sara Wilkinson is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Music has always been a part of her life. Her voice has always been her outlet and songwriting; her diary.

Sara recorded her first album “Honest Release” at the age of 19, and two years later recorded “Mr. Brown” in Moncton NB, following a traumatic breakup. After that release, she moved back home where she released an EP entitled “YOU”, filled with a plethora of her thoughts and feelings.

Six years later, Sara was ready to show the world something new. After years of being labelled a “folk” artist, she put down the guitar and focused on telling the story through my main instrument.. her voice. This is how her latest album “Willingly” was born. With the aid of some incredible musicians, Sara goes from Pop, to Soul, to Reggae, to Funk to blues to Jazz.

This album deals with learning to let go. What it’s like for us as humans to put everything we have on the line and not knowing what we might get in return.

Sara can perform solo or full band. For more information, visit



Written By: Sara Wilkinson

My mummy left my dad when I was little
and boy did I ever take it to heart
Searched high and low for my true lover,
so I would never have to feel that kind of whole in my heart

But of course I have experienced
more pain than was in my plans
But I have learned to let things come and go
especially when it comes to romance

I know you don't know me from Adam
but I could be your Eve?
It all depends on what you perceive
We often miss out on opportunity
We get so scared away too easily
Do you, do you, Do you recognise my truth?
Could you try to love me unconditionally?

We often let, our past guide
our future but we never stay in the present
But if we can truly live in this moment
Then that will be a gift in its self

So I extend my hand to you
fellow stranger in the deep blue
Will you join me, on this journey
and let us see what we is meant to be..


Won't you love me?
Love me
Love me

Its ok, its alright
I will be with you tonight
We all need someone to
Fuck away the world with
And I'll be it with you


If you don’t know me
No you don't, no you don't
But if we can truly, if we can truly, if we can truly
Could you love me unconditionally?


Written By: Sara Wilkinson

I'd like to write you a song to explain
just how I'm feeling
But it's too com-pi-li-cated
I can't hear anything but my heart beating

I, I know that it's hard
and you can't stand the pain
and you want to run away but you can't
and really wanna jump. Jump.

You asked me "How could you do this?”
And I just replied with a giant sigh
"I'm so sorry for hurting you,” what silly words
I wish that I could try to explain..

That I know it's hard
and you can't stand the pain
and you want to runaway but you can't,
and really wanna jump. Jump. Jump. Jump.

Jump. I really wanna Jump
and with you I will jump.

I can't keep trying to please the world,
what am I doing?
I can't please everyone, ONLY myself
that's worth pursuing.

And I, I know that it's hard
And you can't stand the pain
And You want to run away but you can’t
and really wanna jump. Jump. Jump. Jump.

My Shoes

Written By: Sara Wilkinson

How can I put into words
all the things you make me feel?
I can't control
But I so, I so badly want to

I can not hide all my feelings for you
But I really don't know what to do

You've heard it all before
a man loves a woman
and she loves him back
But what happens to the woman when the man misses that first step?He might not know how to admit it
Oh but she still knows how he feels

What would u do if you were in my
What would be the life you choose?

How do you How do you
How do you How do you
love someone when they can't seem
to love you back?

What would you do if you were in my
What would be the life you choose?
What would you do? What would you
What would be the life you choose?


Honest Release (2010)
Mr. Brown (2011)
Human (2012)
Willingly (2018)

Set List

All I can do 
I'll Always Remember Us this way 
Way Down Low
My Shoes
Don't Lie to me