Sara Zacek

Sara Zacek



Sara grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and started writing music and playing guitar with seven chords she learned by watching other artists perform the type of music she had always longed to play and write. By 18, she began performing at local coffee shops and became the center of attention at area jam sessions.

Sara then aligned herself with Gaylynn Goodwill, another local icon, to form Voices of Eve, which became the biggest acoustic duo act in Wisconsin and was recognized by WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry). VOE said their goodbyes and Sara joined Simple, which allowed her the creative outlet to work on original projects with increased focus on her writing.

After a couple years of writing and playing with Simple, she took a break and began the search for a new sound within herself. This internal journey led her to teaming with Neal Gallagher (drums) and Chris Hanaway (bass) to form the Sara Zacek Band. The new sound and band has now given her the writing, performing, and “being� that she has longed for since the first time she picked up the guitar.

Set List

The typical set list is a mix of half covers and original songs. Cover artists include Ani DiFranco, Beth Hart, Oasis, Zepplin, Jewel, Sting, Indigo Girls, and others.