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The best kept secret in music


"People are starting to notice that we really aren't emo," says Brad Franklin, Sarcasm's guitarist and lead vocalist.

It's easy to understand why the emo label has been thrown around rather freely when describing Sarcasm. Here's my theory: It's a cold, wet night, and Sarcasm is about to play their first show ever. Brad (the lead singer) calls James (The guitarist) and says: "Dude! My brother took the van down to Baja for Cabo Wabo ... our equipment was in the van!"

Forced to borrow some pastel-colored equipment consisting of a Rickenbacker, Telecaster and a Squier P-Bass from the "shy kids across the street," Sarcasm takes the stage poised to raise hell, yet fully conscious of the daunting task at hand. Unaware that the borrowed instruments had been tuned to an alarming Weezer-esque precision, the band rips through their set with complete disregard for all that is holy.

Immediately, some guy wearing a Candlebox T-shirt says to his friend: "Hey! These dudes sound just like Jimmy Eat World!" Unfortunately for Sarcasm, an overzealous writer for a local paper covering them that night managed to overhear the guy's drunken conversation.

He proceeded a mental note: "Sarcasm-like Jimmy Eat World, except for the girl." That said, Sarcasm's emo association suddenly becomes understandable.

Though they have yet to set their sights on stardom and the comforts of major label backing, Sarcasm, comprised of Brad Franklin, James Brady, Keri Boyd (bass) and Justin Gershowitz (drums), have caught the attention of many interested media outlets. MTV has licensed all five songs on "Sarcasm's Secrets Are Dirty" EP - produced by Steven Haigler (Brand New, Fuel, Quicksand, Local H) - for use on their reality TV shows including "THe Osbournes," "The Ashlee Simpson Show," "Newlyweds," and "Trippin.'"

"Right now we aren't overly concerned with getting signed," admits Franklin. Yet adds, "It doesn't really matter to us if we sign to a major or an indie. We're just looking for the right people, at the right label, who will be behind us and support what we do. As of mow, we're having a lot of success where we are. Once the next step presents itself, we will take the leap."

In support of "Secrets Are Dirty," Sarcasm has been on the road since June with their U.S. tour scheduled to run through November. The tour included a stint on the Vans Warped Tour, along with opening slots for more popular bands such as Story Of The Year, Letter Kills and Taking Back Sunday.

Through it all, Sarcasm has established itself artistically amongst their peers and fans. They've gradually built a strong and dedicated fan base and, if the critical praise they've attained translates into potential, they're right where they want to be.

"Our goal is to write and play music that touches and moves the kids that listen to it. If they think it's emo, great. If they don't that's fine too," Franklin says when asked about the emo label. "I just want them to leave a show or listen to our CD and feel something afterwards."

With blistering guitar riffs and three-part vocal melodies, Sarcasm will be going back to the studio in December to record a new five-song EP. And if the new EP happens to take on an emo feel, you can consider it as important as the label on that Candlebox T-shirt. - Campus Circle

Here's a theory: Now that pretty much everyone you know is in an emo band (if not two or three simultaneously), the emo sound is either going to conquer America the way grunge did in the last decade, or run its course.

The latter seems more likely. As emo loses its novelty, it's likely to have less impact on listeners. Bands themselves are going to look for other ways to distinguish themselves from the herd. That's already happening on Long Island, judging by the popularity of As Tall As Lions, Acquiesce (which is also building an impressive following in Manhattan) and Sarcasm, a foursome that just released a fine new EP, "Secrets Are Dirty".

Though hints of emo can be heard (a scream here, a jerky rhythmn there), Sarcasm's sound is more like old-fashioned arena rock with big guitars, immediate hooks and all-together-now choruses.

The five songs are solidly built and delivered with conviction by singer Brad Franklin, guitarist James Brady, bassist Keri Boyd and drummer Justin Gershowtz. Despite its name, Sarcasm plays without irony or attitude.

"Apologize" kicks off the disc with a rat-a-tat guitars and a skipping drum beat, but it's the boy-girl backing vocals that really make the song satisfying. "What We're Made Of" would be a breath of fresh air on the radio, with a call-and-response chorus and Franklin pushing his voive to a scream. The obligatory balad, "Sense Of The Real Me," begs for inclusion on "The O.C." soundtrack - and it's so catchy that it just might have a chance.

Sarcasm is also a great live band that knows how to turn its songs into real crowd-rousers. And Franklin (who also plays guitar) already has mastered the minor art of feeding his pics to the crowd. Sarcasm is currently on tour, but it'll have a big homecoming August 7 when it plays the Ernie Ball Stage of the Vans Warped Tour at Randall's Island. In the meantime, visit
- Newsday 5/28/04

“I gotta tell ya, [SARCASM] are one of the hardest working bands.” - Fuse's "Daily Download"

“It would not surprise me to see 50,000 fans singing along with [SARCASM] in an arena one day.” - WLIR 107.1FM

“SARCASM has established itself artistically amongst their peers and fans. They’ve gradually built a strong and dedicated fan base and, if the critical praise they’ve attained translates into potential, they’re right where they want to be.” - Campus Circle

“Though hints of emo can be heard (a scream here, a jerky rhythm there), SARCASM’s sound is more like old-fashioned arena rock with big guitars, immediate hooks, and all-together-now choruses.” - Newsday



"Secrets Are Dirty" EP (May 2004) - Produced by Steven Haigler (Brand New/Hopesfall/Fuel/Local H)


Feeling a bit camera shy


2005 Outlook:

* Scheduled to perform at The Bamboozle festival (Asbury Park, NJ) on Fri. April 29th, along with bands including Brand New, Thrice, Straylight Run, and My Chemical Romance.

* March/April nationwide tour. June/July nationwide tour with Thin Dark Line (One Eleven Records)

* New EP to be released spring 2005 - advance copies now available!

2004 Highlights:

* "Secrets Are Dirty" EP produced by Steven Haigler (Brand New/Fuel/Hopesfall/Local H) was self released in May 2004. Over 1,400 copies sold since release.

* SARCASM made their appearance on FUSE's "Daily Download" show in July 2004. Their TV interview sponsored by FUSE and Tower Records, made them one of the few unsigned bands to appear on the show.

* SARCASM’s self booked nationwide tour ran from June – November, and included a stop at the 2004 Van’s Warped Tour as part of the Ernie Ball stage.

* MTV licensed all 5 songs on SARCASM’s "Secrets Are Dirty" EP for use on their reality TV shows including: The Osbournes, Ashlee Simpson Show, Newlyweds, and Trippin’.

* “Apologize” and “Sense Of The Real Me” from SARCASM’s Secrets Are Dirty EP received airplay on WLIR 107.1FM.

Supported bands such as:
* Story Of The Year (Maverick)
* Brand New (Geffen)
* Taking Back Sunday (Victory)
* Midtown (Columbia)
* Letter Kills (Island)
* Bayside (Drive-Thru)
* Hidden In Plain View (Drive-Thru)
* Bowling For Soup (Jive)
* Hey Mercedes (Vagrant)
* Hellogoodbye (Drive-Thru)
* Action Action (Victory)
* Allister (Victory)
* A Thorn For Every Heart (Kickball)
* Punchline (Fueled By Ramen)
* The Start (Nitro)
* As Tall As Lions (Triple Crown)
* The Stryder (Equal Vision)
* Stars Hide Fire (I Surrender)