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"Deep N Luv Review"

R&B/Pop singer Sariah's latest single "Deep N Luv" is a sassy and slightly edgy uptempo. With its playful lyrics and hypnotic hook, this song will become quite the floorfiller. Sariah's vocals have just the right amount of naughtiness. It has some remixes by Tony Moran & Warren Rigg, Hot Pink Delorean, and Rod Carrillo. Tony and Warren makeover the song in their familiar big room circuit style. This style lends itself very well to the song. Hot Pink Delorean take things in an electro-house direction. Rod Carrillo's could almost be thought of as souped up version of the original. Also included are a breaks version of the original, an instrumental and an acapella. A fun release overall. - Sweet Muzik


Deep N Luv (Radio Edit)
Deep N Luv (Mass Ave Mix)
Deep N Luv (Hot Pink Delorean Mix)
Deep N Luv (Moran Rigg Mix)
Deep N Luv (Carrillo Club Mix)



Sariah's royal bloodlines can be traced back to Queen Elizabeth, Nefertiti, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Superstar. Sariah's story begins when she fled the court of her native land at the age of 16 and stowed away in the cargo of a Club cruiseliner. After befriending the crew and learning the ways of club life, Sariah stepped courageously onto the docks of Manhattan's steaming, gritty urban club scene. With her gem encrusted crown stuffed safely into her bag, Sariah slowly started to break every rule ever made for her. To make ends meet, she joined a hip-hop dance troop, honed her stunning voice and studied choreography by candlelight in her basement room. Belting out fresh and experienced lyrics, she began to pop & lock her way to the top of the pile. Soon, sharing the stage wasn't enough. And so, true to royal tradition, she decided to don her crown- one last time- and take her rightful place. What else was a Queen to do?

Today she is an urban pop empress, serving up gem-encrusted beats to dancing girls, pretty boys, hip-hop heads, and street elite. Its always been about the performance, Sariah explains, thats what got me into music in the first place. I love the idea of showing the world a a powerful woman who is a a no-holds-barred onstage sensation.

Sariah floats effortlessly amidst genres. Her debut single, Deep N Luv, is produced by Mass Ave Productions and transcends labels like urban, hip-hop, diva-soul, or dance princess.

Sometimes an epic love ballad, sometimes an anthemic banquette stomper, Sariahs music is always straight from her heart. All of my songs are inspired by personal love stories, both good and bad.

Sariahs music is the soundtrack of todays modern love story. Whether shes igniting the dance floor or igniting the flame of a new romance, one thing is certain: this Queen of Hearts has just begun her reign of nightlife supremacy.