My made up music is full of imagination


Alana is a member of the Sarratores. Playing flute for free to all who want to hear. She grew up in the midwest, but felt the east coast calling her for college. She attended William Paterson University and obtained her bachelors in Music Management. She currently works at Doyle-Kos Entertainment and is testing this for a client



Written By: Someone

Imagination is funny
It Makes a Cloudy day sunny
Makes a bee think of honey
Just as I
Think of you

Imagination is crazy
Your whole perspective gets hazy
Starts you asking a daisy
What to do
What to do

Have you ever felt a gentle touch
And then a kiss
And then
And then

find it's only your imagination again

oh well

Imagination is silly
You go around willy nilly
For example, I go around
wanting you
and yet
I can't imagine that you'd want me too.


Disc 1 - 2001 - Radio Play on Z100 - FLUTER

Set List

Tyipically 45 minute sets w/8-10 songs per set.